Taline's Jellicle Hangout

UPDATED: This is Taline with my last post on here. This is my closing of work on this website. I will leave it open for curious cat viewers, but I will no longer continue work on this page. That includes all RPGs, trip reports, images, and stories. Jellicle High has its own website under Links, and all the rest of my stories can be found on fanfiction.net under the name Taline. There is only one CATS story, if that's what you're looking for. I am not really interested in CATS anymore, and, while it will always have a special place in my heart, I am no longer the obssessed fan I once was. I still will love it though. It has been a great 3 years with this site, and please continue to enjoy whatever is left on it. Purrs all! Thanks for stopping by and being so supportive!

Things to Check Out in My Hangout

An Interview With Jo Gibb: Some unanswered fan questions answered by Jo Gibb. Please read this if you love Jo like I do!

Taline's Fanfiction Vault: Fanfics from many different people, including myself. Please take some time to read them.

My RPG World: My favorite part of my hangout.

Links!: Links to other websites.

Little Shop of Horrors Pictures: I had the honor of playing Audrey in our school musical, Little Shop of Horrors, in 2002-2003. Go here to see the pictures of the show.

Taline's Buddies' Pawprints: Please sign my guestbook. It makes me and my buddies feel all warm inside. Give me suggestions, request things, I don't care. I just love to hear from people.

Contacting Me
YIM: taline_jellicle (I hardly ever use this anymore)
AOL: TalineJellicle
MSN: taline_jellicle@hotmail.com
Musicals.net forum: Taline (I hardly ever go there anymore)