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Stevie Nicks Demos, Outtakes, and Master Reels

Stevie Nicks Demos, Outtakes and Master Reels

The Lost Demos (early recordings, quality varies) Watchdevil, Secret Love, Without You, Storms, Nomad, Designs of Love (That’s Alright early demo), You Could Forget (Garbo early demo), Sorcerer, Goldfish and Lady Bug, Cathouse Blues, Smile at You, Castaway, Silver Springs (piano demo), After the Glitter Fades, Crying in the Night (alt. Electric version), Kind of Woman, Think About it

Valentines demos and outtakes Mostly good quality Silver Springs (alt version), If You were My Love (mirage outtake), Are You Mine, Destiny (outtake), If You Ever Did Believe, Sleeping Angel, Beauty and The Beast (blues outtake), When I see You again (alt version), Julia (outtake), If Anyone Falls, Still of the Night, Paper Doll (alt. Version), That’s Alright (mirage outtake)

Blue Green Colors Flashing Quality Varies 8 different versions of Silver Springs: 6 min. version, Instrumental, Piano demo, Demo Version, Original album cut, 1977 demo, Live Atlantic City 1997 (Lindsey finishes song because Stevie is too emotional) Live in 1978, also contains: Fireflies demo, Fireflies (single remix), Fireflies (studio demo)

Mystical Moments (1 CD) quality A demo collection Rock A Little/Something Exquisite/I Can't Wait/Greta/The Nightmare/Lady From The Mountain/Talk To Me/Love & War/Mirror Mirror/Battle Of The Dragon/This Is My Cross To Bare/Mystical Love/What Has R&R Ever Done/Welcome To The Room...Sara

Stevie Nicks..Gems...A+ RECORDED FROM THE MASTER REELS, THIS ONE CD INCLUDES A NUMBER OF STEVIE FAVORITES IN RARE FORM. Sisters of the Moon (says, "Pretty weird huh?"),The Tower/Goodbye Baby, No Light/Planets of the Universe, Leather and Lace (RARE demo, Stevie-only vocal), Think About It (RARE Stevie with acoustic guitar, bass. Very country, diff lyrics), Smile at You, Sleeping Angel, If You Ever Did Believe

China Doll Demos A Kind of Woman, Mistaken Love (piano demo), Three Birds of Rhiannon (piano demo), Forest of the Black Roses (piano demo), Bella Donna (alt version, upbeat), China Doll (piano doll), Sara ("cleaning lady version," 9 minutes), Fireflies (live), Sleeping Angel,Violet and Blue (alt version), If Anyone Falls(alt version), Gypsy (long drum machine demo, Stevie talks some), Outside the Rain, How Still My Love(piano demo, very clear vocals)

Demo Compilation mostly good Quality Imaginary Lover (not really a Stevie Nicks song. This is the original version by the Atlanta Rhythm Section played at a different speed…it sounds amazingly like Stevie and has been circulated as a Stevie Nicks cover), Needle and Pins (live with Tom Petty), At Last (live), Smile at you (angry version), Battle of the Dragon (demo with Petty), The Witch (demo), Jazz Tune Gypsy Beggar (demo), Lady From the Mountain (demo), Forest of the Black Roses (demo), The Tower (demo), No Light (demo), Insider (live with Petty), Sara (cleaning lady version), Gold and Braid (demo), Sanctuary (demo), Sleeping Angel (demo), Julia (demo)

Bella Donna Sessions Part 1 mostly good quality After the Glitter Fades (demo), Bella Donna (alt. Vocal), Blue Lamp (alt. Vocal), The Dealer (outtake), Edge of Seventeen (alt. Mix), Edge of Seventeen (single edited version), Edge of Seventeen (live edited version), Edge of Seventeen (extended dance version), Gold and Braid (studio version), Gypsy (outtake), The Highway Man (demo)

Bella Donna Sessions Part 2 quality good to fair How Still My Love (alt. Version 1), How Still My Love (alt. Version 2), How Still My Love (alt. Vocal), Julia (outtake), Kind of Woman (demo), Leather and Lace (demo), Sleeping Angel (demo), Starshine (outtake), Stop Draggin My Heart Around (alt. Mix), Think About It (demo), Think About it (alt Version)

Wild Heart Outtakes #2 1CD quality varies Stand Back (Live), Beauty And The Beast (Live), The Dealer, Wild Heart (Full End Lyric), Dial The Number, If You Were My Love, Jimmy Come Back #1, Julia, Mistaken Love, Jimmy Come Back #2, Nightbird (Full End Lyric), Stand Back (Live), Violet And Blue, Jimmy Come Back #3

Wild Hearted quality varies Wild Heart (full end lyric), Nightbird (full end lyric), Blue Water, Edge of Seventeen (accapella), The Dealer/Greta, Dial a Number, All the Beautiful Worlds, You are Mine, Wild Heart (Stevie and Lori during the Rolling Stone photo shoot), Baby Doll, Belle Fleur, If You Were My Love, Dial a Number #2, All the Beautiful Worlds #2, Nothing Ever changes (outtake version), One More Tomorrow (outtake version)

Rocking a Little Outtakes and Demos quality varies Rock a Little / Night Gallery / All The King's Horses (demo) / Blue Lamp - It's Not a Dream / It's Not a Dream / Thousand Days / She Calls You Missing / Love is Like a River / Ooh Ooh Baby / Impossible Task / Greta / Mirror Mirror / Some Become Strangers / The Nightmare / No Spoken Word

Abbey Road Mixes Street Angel Outtakes and remixes mostly A+ quality Maybe Love / Kick It / God's Garden / Love Is Like A River / Listen To The Rain / Blue Denim / Rose Garden #1 / Street Angel / Just Like A Woman / Unconditional Love / Destiny / Inspiration / Running Through The Garden / Rose Garden #2 / Janes Song

The Shangri-La Sessions, Studio Demos 2CDs Quality A+ Disc 1: Space Needle, Trouble in Shangri-La, Planets of the Universe, Annabel Lee, Candle Bright, Fall From Grace, Thrown down, Love Is Disc 2: Love Changes, Not Make Believe, Planets of The Universe, Have No Heart, Bombay Sapphires, Sorcerer, Thrown Down, That Made Me Stronger

Enchantments 6 CD demo comps. Disk 1 Dreams outtake, Do you Know demo, Dial the Number Master, Designs of Love demo, Children Go On poem, Castaway demo, Blue Water demo, Bella Donna demo, Beautiful Child demo, Bella Donna alt. version. Beauty and the Beast live early version, Angel Rehearsal, All the Kings Horses, Stevie loses her voice, Sanctuary demo, 2 Kinds of Love live Red Rocks Dics 2 Kind of Woman outtake, Jane Master reel, Inspiration demo, In the Back of My Mind demo, If you Ever Did Believe demo, If You Were My Love demo, Hard Game backup demo, Gypsy demo, Goldfish and Lady Bug demo, Garbo demo, Foret of the Black Roses demo, Storms acoustic, Fireflies demo, Fall From Grace live 01, Everyone Finds Out early mix, Edge of 17 long version (17 min.) Disc 3 Rose Garden Master, Not Make Believe demo, No Spoken Word outtake, No Light demo, Nomad demo, Mistaken Love demo, Mirror Mirror outtake, Love You Enough studio demo, Lady From the Mountain demo, Juliet outtake, Illume Thunder Mix, I Can’t Wait Outtake, Sister of the Moon piano demo, Silver Springs demo, China Doll demo, Cat House Blues Master, Disc 4 Inspiration demo, Put Your sweet Lips a Little Closer to the Phone, Jimmy Come Back demo, Have No Heart demo, Ghosts demo, Edge of Seventeen remix, Amber demo, Sorcerer acoustic, Gold and Braid outtake, Smile at You Angry version, Silver Springs Rumours Demo, Seven Wonders extended mix, Say You Will demo, Sleeping Angel demo, Sara Cleaning Lady version Disc 5 Julia demo, Prettiest Girl in the World demo, The Witch demo, Rhiannon demo, Rock a Bye Baby demo, Rooms on Fire Remix, Sara remix, Planets of the Universe remix, Stand Back remix, Space Needle demo, unknown Wild Heart demo, Too Far From Texas extended version Disk 6 Blue Water demo, Christian demo, God’s Garden Duet demo, Talk to Me backup demo, That Made Me Stronger outtake, The Apartment Song demo with Tom Petty, The Black Roses, The Tower False start demo, Thrown Down demo, Tragedy of One’s own Soul demo, The Dealer demo, When I see You Again edit, Without You Bass demo

Stevie Nicks -Duets, Covers, Backup 2 discs quality varies Disc 1 1. Gold (John Stewart) 2. Magnet And Steel (Walter Egan) 3. Apartment Song (Tom Petty) 4. Whenever I Call You Friend (Kenny Loggins) 5. Desiree (Rick Vito) 6. Sorcerer (Marilyn Martin) 7. Needles And Pins (Tom Petty) 8. Lay Down Your Arms (Ringo Starr) 9. Blonde In The Blue T-Bird (Walter Egan) 10. Devil Wind (Bob Welch) 11. Insider (Studio Version-Tom Petty) 12. Intuition (Rick Vito) 13. If You Ever Did Believe (Louise Goffin) 14. Let Me Count The Ways (Dave Koz) 15. Secret (Robin Zander) 16. Smiling Islands (Robbie Patton) 17. Midnight Wind (John Stewart) 18. Frozen Love (Lindsey Buckingham) Disc 2 1. Twisted (Lindsey Buckingham) 2. Can't Get Enough (B.B. King) 3. Mohammeds Radio (Warren Zevon) 4. Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow) 5. Without You (Lindsey Buckingham) 6. Insider (Live-Tom Petty) 7. Won't You Say You Will (Walter Egan) 8. My Little Savior (Jesse Camp) 9. Sorcerer (Lindsey Buckingham) 10. You Can Still Change Your Mind (Tom Petty) 11. Are You Mine (Billy Burnette) 12. Just The Wanting (Walter Egan) . Gold Dust Woman (Waylon Jennings) 14. Rhiannon (Waylon Jennings) 15. You're Not The One (Sheryl Crow)

Stevie Nicks Remixes Touched By an Angel, Desire with Rick Vito, Landslide remix, Planets of the Universe remix, Sorcerer Sheryl Crowe edit, I Can’t Wait dub, Rooms on Fire Extended Remix, Long Way to Go extended remix, Planets of the Universe Tracy Young club mix, Insider w/Tom Petty, You Can Still Change Your Mind w/Tom Petty, Can’t Get Enough w/B.B. King, At Last live AT&T 98

Stevie Nicks Soundtracks Blue Lamp (Heavy Metal), Sleeping Angel (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Violet and Blue (Against All Odds), Battle of The Dragon (American Anthem), Somebody Stand By Me (Boys on the Side), Free Fallin (Party of Five), Twisted (Twister), If You Ever Did Believe (Practical Magick), Crystal (Practical Magick), Touched By an Angel (Sweet November)

Master Reel to Reels

Rhiannon Master Sessions 3-29-78 (1 CD) quality A+ Three beautiful takes of Rhiannon from the March 29, 1978 master reel to reel. These demos are piano & vocal only. The first track is labeled as a "complete" mix, the second as an "edit," and the third is labeled "master, better at end," but is more like an instrumental mix, since Stevie's vocals are barely audible. Each version is slightly over 13 minutes long, and the vocal on the first two tracks is crystal clear and beautiful.

The Dealer Extended: (1 CD) quality A+ Nine takes of The Dealer from the Bella Donna master reel-to-reel, including an a capella version. Excellent studio quality. Plus: Mistress of my Fate demo; FM demo; an A capelle version; FM Demo

Outside the Rain Sessions, 4-4-80 #1 (1 CD): quality A+ 23 minute take of Outside the Rain, with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers arranging, discussing, and singing (w/some alt. lyrics). The dialogue includes Stevie complaining about the sound being too loud, talking about cough drops and how she takes care of her throat when she's onstage. There is also a six minute unknown instrumental song included.

Blue Water Master Reel 1CD quality A (1st track is squeaky, but that is from the actual master reel) 4 track mixes of Cecelia and In the Still of the Night, 2 track mixes of Blue Water, Rhiannon (UR version, “the sound of birds rising”)

Blue Lamp Master Reel 1CD quality A+ Blue Lamp (2/28/81 very extended ending), Julia (3/1/81), Blue Lamp (drum machine piano demo with cool backup vocals)

Blue Lamp Jam Sessions 9/15/81 Tracking Night Blue Lamp ( working through it..lots of talking), Blue Lamp (working through it) #2, Blue Lamp #3, Blue Lamp #4, Fireflies Snippet(cool piano demo), Blue Lamp #5 (alt. lyrics), Blue Lamp #6 (alt. lyrics)(cuts off)

24K Master Reels 1CD quality A+ Jane (outtake, Stevie sings backup to herself, nice ending), Bella Donna #1 (no backup), Bella Donna #2, Belle Fluer (piano demo), ,Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind (outtake), Unconditional Love (slow outtake)

Cecelia Master Reel to Reel #1 quality A+ From the Bella Donna master reel to reel series. Cecelia (8 min), Baby Doll (lyrics from Bella Donna), gorgeous softer alt. take of Bella Donna

Castaway Master Reel to Reel Demos - 1 CD Includes three takes of Castaway; a raw-sounding shorter take (3:02), another take similar to the first (8:04), and a longer take with background vocals by the girls and Stevie telling Sharon to shut up for being too nice (11:07). -

"Leather and Lace" Master Reel to Reel (A++ Sound) (1cd) Planets of the Universe / The Tower (false start) / The Tower (false start #2) / The Tower/Kind of Woman / Kind of Woman (scaled down) / Leather and Lace: false start #1, false start #2, false start #3, complete Stevie vocal, false start #4, big mess up, false start #5, false start #6, Stevie and Don vocal / Don's part, and acapella chorus /Leather & Lace: humming

Kind of Woman Reel to Reel quality A+ Reel to Reel Master from the Bella Donna Sessions with Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers. "Kind Of Woman " 6 tracks in total. 5 takes of 'Kind Of Woman" and track 6 is Tom Petty singing "Runaway" contains some wild and unusual conversation.

Julie/Julia 1/4th inch reel 18 minutes. very first recording of Julia..lot's of mistakes and frustration

JULIA # 4 Master Reel to Reel quality A+ Reel to Reel Master from the Bell Donna Sessions of "Julia". 12 takes altogether And all slightly different. Excellent Sound.

Sleeping Angel Master Reel Sleeping Angel(vocals more prominant) and one full take of Beauty and the Beast.

Lady From the Mountain Master 24 track reel 1-8 edits, 9. partial, 10. full master w/back up vocals, 11. full master acapella (very cool!)

Gold And Braid 24 track reel Keep Me Hanging on (snippit), Gold And Braid (take 1), Gold and Braid (take 2 and 3), Keep Me Hainging on (acapella snippit), Gold And Braid (3 acapella takes)

Bella Donna Master 3/7/81 Bella Donna trks 1-2, Bella Donna trk 3 vocals more prominent

(Mixed cd#2) Sanctuary Masters (A+ for Sanctuary the rest would be about B/C) Sanctuary (from master #1) / Sanctuary (from master #2) / Sanctuary (from master #3 / Sanctuary (from master #4 / Sanctuary (from master #5 / Sanctuary (from master #6 / Sanctuary (from master #7 / Sanctuary (from master #8 / Sanctuary (studio version) / She Still Loves Him demo / Silver Springs piano demo / Sisters Of The Moon piano demo / Sorcerer alt version / Storms demo / The Dealer acapella demo / The Nightmare ext. mix / Love and War demo / Gypsy AHI (cutoff)

Bella Donna Master Studio Demos- Remastered 3/23/81: Think About It , Think About It background vocals, Kind Of Woman background vocals, 1/27/80 Rich Old Lady /Mystical Love, Outside the Rain 13 takes (#2 partial, complete take, dialougue session, partial, #6 different lyrics, #7 complete take alt. lyrics, #8 false start, edited master, tones 1, 2, 3, 4) 5/14/81 Stop Draggin My Heart Around 8 takes

If You Were My Love 3/10/81 & Castaway 24 Track Reels 1... If You Were My Love - false start #1 2... If You Were My love - complete take... lovely! 3... If You Were My Love - false start #2 4... Stevie complaining about headphones 5... If You Were My Love - false start #3 6... If You Were My Love - scaled down session 7... Castaway - take 1 8... Castaway - take 2 - "Angels running from the freedom..."

Outside The Rain "Christian Reel E" 1/4 Inch Reel (1cd) 1... Outside The Rain, practice session w/Needles and Pins / I'll Be There

Starshine Silver and Sactuaray 4/4/80; Sleeping Angel and All the King’s Horses Reels (A+) (1cd) 1... Sanctuary – false start 2... Sanctuary – demo, cut at end 3... Starshine – session #1, cuts in 4... Starshine – session #2 5... Sleeping Angel – false start #1 6... Sleeping Angel – false start #2 7... Sleeping Angel – Complete take 8... Sleeping Angel – scaled down 9... Beauty and the Beast – Alternate take 10..All the King’s Horses – practice session #1 11..All the King’s Horses – false start 12..All the King’s Horses – practice session #2

OTOTM 24 Track Vocal Safety Slave Reel 12/19/88 Long Way to Go (alt), Long Way to Go (vocal only), Cry Wolf 4 alt. versions, Rooms on Fire unmixed, Rooms on Fire vocal only, Ooh My Love unmixed, Ooh My Love vocal only

stevie nicks.dial the number master reel 18/apr/88 10/jan/89 A+

Stevie denim master reel 19/sep/92 1cd A+ FALSE START/TAKE 4/TAKE 5/VOCAL ONLY.

Dial The Number Master Reel 4/18/88 & 1/10/89 7 TAKES ON DIAL THE NUMBER.


Stevie Nicks Acapella Collection A+ from masters Bella Donna, Lady From the Mountain, Kind of Woman, Gold And Braid #1, The Dealer, Keep Me Hanging On (snippet), Rooms On Fire, Blue Denim, Ooh My Love, Whole Lotta Trouble, Smile At You, If You Were My Love, Think About It, Gold And Braid #2, Leather and Lace, GoldFish And Lady Bug, Beautiful Child

26) Stevie Nicks a) Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind (acapella) b) The Highway Man c) The Highway Man d) Bell Flower e) If You Were My Love f) Kind Of Woman 2-20-81

31) Stevie Nicks “Bell Flower” “Bell Flower” (Acapella version) 2-18-81

48) Stevie Nicks (24 track reel) March 19, 1981 1. Edge of Seventeen Take 25 2. Edge of Seventeen Take 25 (Vocals more prominent)

72) Stevie Nicks (24 Track reel) Gypsy 4/3/80 This is a reel of Stevie & Tom Petty “working” out Gypsy for the first time. Lots of talking/ messing around. Tracks 1-18 are false starts and talking Tracks 19-21 are retakes making vocals more prominent

90) Stevie Nicks (24 track reel) “Golden Braids” (Gold and Braid) 1. Live Vocal (3/19/81) 2. Recorded Vocal (1/11/81) 3. Recorded Vocal (2/13/81) 4. All Recorded Vocals 5. All Recorded Vocals (acapella)

144) Stevie Nicks (24 Track reel) “If You Were My Love” (2/20/81) (Beautiful Takes) 1. Take 1 (false start and Complete take w/little talking) 2. Incomplete Take 3. Complete Take 4. Acapella Full Vocals

134) Stevie Nicks (1/4 in. reel) 9/17 (Alternate Takes) 1. I Can’t Wait 2. Some Become Strangers 3. The Nightmare

Bella Donna From a Parallel Universe Bella Donna (vocal and piano, from the "Think About It 4/9/81 Outtakes with Bella Donna" reel, Kind of Woman (Kind of Woman 2/20/81 TV Themes 24 track reel), The Dealer Take #5 (the Dealer Day 2 Rough Mixes 2/17/81 1/4 inch reel), Think About It Take #3 (4/9/81 24 track reel), Sanctuary Take #7 (4/5/80 Reel #5 24 track reel), After the Glitter Fades (4/6/81 1/4 in. reel), Sleeping Angel (Reel #3 Rough Mixes 3/17/81 1/4 inch reel), Edge of Seventeen take #26 (3/81 Bella Donna Outtakes 1/4 inch reel), How Still My Love take #2 (HSML Reel #7 10/11/80), Gypsy take #6 (Gypsy W/Tom Petty 4/5/80 24 track reel), Leather and Lace guitar demo (from Gold and Braid 3/5/81 24 track reel), Baby Doll take #2 (2/18/81 24 track reel), Outside the Rain take #4 (4/3/80 24 track reel), Gold And Braid take #1, The Highway Man take #16 (3/5/81 24 track reel)

Everly Brothers Cover with Tom Petty 33 minutes in length. Includes Starshine Silver w/Tom Petty, So Sad #1 (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) w/ Tom Petty, Angel Baby w/ Tom Petty, So Sad #2, So Sad #3, Outside The Rain #1 w/ Tom Petty, Outside The Rain #2 w/ Tom Petty, Outside The Rain #3 w/ Tom Petty

Forsaken Love Includes Forsaken Love (Stevie & piano), Forsaken Love (Stevie, Sharon & piano), Forsaken Love (a capella with full background vocals), Forsaken Love (full version), Forsaken Love (take 2), Beautiful Child (snippet). All tracks are piano demos

My Love Is Never Lost Described as Reel #17, #714. Includes a 16 min long demo sung with friends in the studio (new song, wonderful sound)

Reel #2 Transfers 24 Track No Date. Includes Smile At You (1st vocal), Smile At You (2nd Vocal), Beautiful Child, Think About It, Smile At You, (acapella), Beautiful Child (acapella), Think About It (acapella)