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The WRVR Sessions '65

Released on compact disc in 2004 by The Pier Group.

From CD insert:

On January 20, 1965 The Malibooz entered the studios of WRVR in New York City for their first professional recording session. Although they had made several "basement tapes," this was the first time they had been in a recording studio. Take a trip back in time and join John, Walt, Chris, Tom & Ace for these memorable sessions.

These recordings have not been remastered or retouched in any way.

Like Beach Access, this album was considered for a Grammy for "Best Album Package." The inserts are exact copies of the box of the original recording and the spine of the case contains a piece of actual recording tape (though not from the original master, obviously).

Goin' to Malibu - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 596K)
2. Nadine
3. Miserlou (instrumental)

Album Details:

The Pier Group, 2004

Recorded January 20, 1965 at WRVR Studios, New York City, NY

Executive Producers for Reissue: John Zambetti and Chris Murray
Art Direction: John Zambetti and Jim Rasfeld

The Malibooz:

Chris Murray: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
John Zambetti: backing vocals, lead guitar
Walter Egan: backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Dennis "Ace" Lopez: bass guitar
Tom Scarp: drums


Chris Murray:
        1963 white Fender Telecaster, 1964 black-face Fender Deluxe amp. Premier outboard reverb tank.
John Zambetti:
        1963 sunburst Fender Jaguar, 1963 black-face Fender Tremolux amp. 1963 black-face Fender outboard reverb tank.
Walter Egan:
        1964 sunburst Fender Stratocaster, 1964 black-face Fender Princeton Reverb amp.
Dennis "Ace" Lopez:
        1963 sunburst Fender Precision Bass, 1963 Magnatone bass amp.
Tom Scarp:
        1963 Gretsch pink champagne sparkle brass-label drum set.

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