Lyrics - Nobody Dreams Anymore

Nobody Dreams Anymore
(from 1999's Walternative)

I remember when others forget
Back before we learned the way to regret
Love could change the world
Was all that you need
But now the loveís been changed
To hunger and greed

In a world of compromises
Itís hard to know the score
Got no chance of winning
You hope for a draw
When nobody dreams anymore

Nights were long and late
With passion and skin
More to celebrate
Thatís how it seemed
Sides were clearer then
And easy to choose
With the world to win
And nothing to lose

And now the choice between two evils
Is not a choice at all
No wonder we wonder
Just what life is for
When nobody dreams anymore

Once we wanted a revolution
But now we just donít want a war
And even a rich man canít help being poor
When nobody dreams anyÖ
Itís nothing but dying that youíre living for
When nobody any
Nobody dreams any
Nobody dreams any more
Any more
Any more
Any more
Any moreÖ

Wake up and dream
Wake up and dream
Wake up and dream

I am nearly certain that I have correctly transcribed these lyrics. I listen to each song many times and write down what I hear but there are often lines that I struggle to understand. If you see a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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