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Unfortunately, I've been a bad fan and a negligent webmistress in that I honestly haven't really listened to this album yet, so there's very little I can say about it. I am familiar with some of the tracks, but have heard them primarily in their demo form and so cannot speak to the quality of the final product.

To my knowledge, it has not seen release on actual CD and is only available for purchase in MP3 form via sites like and iTunes.

Hopefully I will find the time to really sit down and give this a thorough listening soon. I apologize for my negligence and tardiness. In the meantime, if anybody is able and willing to help out with the lyric transcriptions, please send me an email.

Means To An End
2. Summer Of Love
3. Love In A Time Of War
4. Waitin For You
5. Heartbreakills
6. I Don't Wanna
7. Wait For The Story To End
8. Another Night In Hell
9. Shelley's Song
10. Time Passes Changes
11. Coverin' Ground
12. Take Me In Your Arms
13. The Moon On An Afternoon
14. Last Supper
15. Old Photographs
16. King Of The City
17. I Will
18. Money Is
19. Meow

Album Details:

2011, Spectra Records
Available for purchase at: and via the iTunes store.

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