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Queens' English

This is the band's first album of new recordings since 2002's Beach Access. It pays homage to the British invasion groups of the 1960s and features guest appearances by Spencer Davis and members of The Hollies, The Quarrymen, The Troggs, The Ventures, The Shadows, and more.

Johnny Z had quite a bit to share about the making of this album and his stories and photos can be seen over at

I must say that I really like this side of The Malibooz and would love to hear more. "London Underground" is a particular favorite with its haunting lyrics and the extra bit of atmosphere lent by the ocarina (or rather, the iPhone ocarina app, as played by John Zambetti). "Diamond Ring" is another favorite. I must say, though, that I'm on the fence regarding the song "Free." I've had the priveledge of listening to and loving an earlier, solo version of that song for a few years now and I can't decide if The Malibooz version is an improvement or just different.

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1. Hey Love
2. London Underground
3. Just A Little Bit
4. A Bit Of Awright
5. Factory Girl
6. Free
7. Bitter Grey
8. Do
9. Dit Dididit
10. Good Tonight
11. She Comes Around
12. Diamond Ring
13. So Bad
14. Venture Into The Shadows (Instrumental)

Album Details:

The Pier Group, 2010

Produced by John Zambetti and Walter Egan
Recorded and mixed at Serra Road Studios, Malibu, CA - Engineer: Michael Parnell
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England - Engineer: Geoff Pesche, Christian Wright

Photography: Gered Mankowitz, Scott Smith
Photo Illustration Assembly: Scott Smith
Art Direction: John Zambetti

Meet The Malibooz/Queens' English

Johnny Z: Vocals, guitars, 12-string, iPhone ocarina, harmonica, keyboards, mandocello
Walter Egan: Vocals, guitars
Martin Fera: Drums, percussion, attache case
Scott Monahan: Backing vocals, keyboards
Dave Chamberlain: Bass

Guest Artists:

Spencer Davis
Andrew Loog Oldham
Tony Hicks (The Hollies)
Ron Davis (The Quarrymen)
Len Barry (The Quarrymen)
Colin Hanton (The Quarrymen)
Peter Jamieson
Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde
Richard Moore (The Troggs)
John Farrar
Mark Griffiths (The Shadows)
Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)
David Carr (The Fortunes, The Ventures)
Roger Swallow (Rutland Weekend Television)
Daniel McCallum (Royal Academy of Music)
Virginia Rockwell (Royal Academy of Music)
Ian Whitcomb
Joan Zambetti
Johnny Zambetti

Dedicated to Bruce Gary

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