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Myth America

I haven't yet had the chance to listen to Myth America so I'll have to hold off on any comment until later.

Order the album here: Walter Egan's Myth America at

Faith Comes Crashin' Down
2. Cool Crazy
3. What Lurks Inside A Heart
4. Dyin' For Love
5. Her Smile
6. Nothing Can Save Us Now
7. Lililovin'
8. Stop Bein' You
9. Time The Master
10. Like A Nail When It's Bent
11. Can't Cry No More
12. Gone Away
13. Yeah

Album Details:


Produced by Walter Egan

Graphic Design and Mastering by Dean Sciarra
Thanks to Mike Somavilla for getting it together.

Recorded 2010 to 2013 at Walternative Studios, Franklin, Tennessee

All music and lyrics by Walter Egan, except Drums/Percussion by Ron Krasinski

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