Lyrics - Christmas Wrap

Christmas Wrap
(Written by Walter Egan, from 1992's Malibooz Yule - A Malibu Kind of Christmas)

Hi, this is Walt
Hi, I’m John
We’re the Malibooz

Every year, at this time in our house
We like to remember these words
Thank you

It was the night before Christmas
When we paddled out
But the cold sea was quiet
The surf was in doubt

In our wetsuits, we hung
Like some ducks at low tide
With visions of bone-crushing waves
We could ride

And the hours crept by
‘Til it felt like a year
As we waited and waited
For waves to appear

Then from out of the West
There was heard a great shout
And a voice as loud as thunder
Came bellowing out

As we turned on our boards
Its was awesome to see
Crazy old Santa Claus
Out there at sea

On Gidget! On Moon Doggy!
On Dean and on Jan!
These were the words of that kook
Santa Man

That saint on a sleigh
Hanging ten off the nose
On the crest of a 40 foot wave
He was posed

Then my buddies and me
Got our boards shreddin’ fast
And we joined Santa Claus
On that mountain of glass

We rode that tsunami
All over the world
Dropping off toys
To the good boys and girls

On the way back to L.A.
Old Santa did muse
“Is it so?
Are you really the famed Malibooz?”

“Yes it’s true,” we replied
And his smile we did savor
Then he said
“Do you think you could do me a favor?

See, I need some new sounds
I can play on my way
While delivering holiday gifts
In my sleigh

So now boys, don’t you dawdle
But do it for me
Cut me a new
Christmas surfin’ LP

Write some new carols
And make sure they’re cool
Why don’t you call the thing
“Malibooz Yule”

Then Santa Kahuna
Was off with a shout
Merry Christmas to all
May you never wipe out!

Merry Christmas everybody!
Yeah, merry Christmas guys.
Have a bitchin’ year.

This isn't really a song. It's actually a poem in which Walter Egan and John Zambetti
alternate the recitation of the stanzas.

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