Lyrics - The Faces People Make

The Faces People Make
(from 2000's Mad Dog - The Lost Album)

Faces trading places
As they float before my eyes
Smiling faces, frowning faces
All go passing by
Can you see the look in their eyes?
Can you see behind their disguise?

The faces people make show it clear
The loneliness, the hunger and fear
The hearts about to break
The faces people make

The faces people make
Can make their deepest secrets known
Their eyes are like a TV screen
The soul’s the picture shown
If you see the look in their eyes
You can see behind their disguise

The faces they make when they’re shy
Reveals the desire in their eye
Faces they make when they’re blue
Betrays the smile of loneliness
They’re wearin’ to get through

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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