Lyrics - Stop Don't Stop

Stop Don't Stop
(from 2000's Mad Dog - The Lost Album)

Baby give your man a break
Donít you make him wait
When heís at your door
Youíve got to treat your baby kind
Then youíre gonna find
Heíll be back for more
Now that we have got it goiní
Donít you leave me on my own

Stop, donít stop
Show me what youíve really got
Stop, donít stop
Strike it while the ironís hot

Itís not supposed to be this way
What I mean to say
Do you think itís fair
To be on such a night alone
When I could be showiní you how much I care?
Donít give up or youíll regret
The good loviní you ainít had yet

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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