Lyrics - Challenger

(from 2000's Mad Dog - The Lost Album)

It was a Sunday night I never will forget
Driving down the street in my red Camaro
As I pulled into the Seven Eleven
The locals eyed a stranger
That they did not know

Challenger, he’s the new contender
Challenger, and he better know
Challenger, we don’t want no trouble
From the challenger in the red Camaro

He made his move
And he made his challenge
“Anybody want to put his pink on the line?”
Behind the wheel slipped the local hero
“Ready, set, go!” and their engines whined

The air was tense
From the screaming metal thunder
The challenger’s machine
Ate up the local hero’s
But when the dust cleared
Instead of his pink slip
I had the hero’s baby in my red Camaro

Challenger, I’m the new contender
Challenger, and you better know
Challenger, forget about your baby
Now she rides in my the red Camaro

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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