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Official Websites: - Walter Egan and the Walternative Band
(The official MySpace page, featuring several songs, including live performances.)

A note: is no more. is now the only official Malibooz site.

(The latest incarnation of The Flying Burrito Brothers.)

Other Sites of Interest:

(A club in Walter's hometown. He frequently plays there. Check out the calendar of events.)

(This is a weekly Podcast hosted by C.C. Curtis of Entropy 64 and Hypeman Rick of Hypeman Rick Productions.)

(Buy Malibooz albums and download song samples and video clips.)

(Buy New and Used Walter Egan cds and memorabilia!)

(Buy New and Used Walter Egan cds!)

(Surf Nation: Tom Moncrieff and Annie McLoone's self described "instro-metal-surf" band.) - The Official Sinai48 Website  (No image or banner available, sorry.)
(This is Tom Moncrieff's other band. He plays bass.) - The Official Annie McLoone Website  (No image or banner available, sorry.)
(This is the website of former member of Sageworth and Drums and former Walter Egan backing vocalist Annie McLoone.) - The Official Joy Lynn White Website  (No image or banner available, sorry.)
(This is the website of Joy Lynn White, former member of The Brooklyn Cowboys.
She also dueted with Walter on "The Truth" from 1999's Walternative.)

(Walter Egan co-produced her song "Get You Back" and likely will do the same for several songs on her next album.)

(This is Colleen Curtis' band. She sang on Walter's song "Time and the Rain" from Apocalypso Now.
She also contributed several gorgeous pictures to my photo album.) - The Official Lindsey Buckingham Website
(Official website of Lindsey Buckingham, run by my friend Jessica Sneed.)

(The most comprehensive Fleetwood Mac site on the net.)

(A really cool site that includes lyric interpretations of some of Egan's songs.)

(A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our beaches- the favorite charity of The Malibooz.)

(Walter Egan's local Humane Society. Check out the "Thank You" section.)

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