Lyrics - Fall For You

Fall For You
(from 1980's The Last Stroll)

Here I go, havenít we played this scene before?
No more chance
Iím not the man in your romance

If you knew just how much of me I gave to you
Maybe then youíd see Iíve been cut too deep to mend
With nothing left but the memory
Aw címon letís let the past be

And baby donít even ask me
If you think Iíll fall for you again
I donít think Iíll fall for you again

Now thatís a good word for you and me
Such a shame when so much is lost to foolish games
In the end neither of us will be the same
Iíve been drained
I wonder if I can love again

Thatís a war nobody wins
I wonít pay for somebody elseís sins
I donít think Iíll fall for you again

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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