Lyrics - Tuesday Weld

Tuesday Weld
(from 1980's The Last Stroll)

When I lost my heart I was only 15
To a teenage angel on the tv screen
With her long blonde hair and her sweet smile
I'd stare and I'd stare, never touching that dial

She went by the name of Thalia Meninger
On the Dobie Gillis Show, remember?
Even in black and white she could look so fine
In dreams every night I could spend my time

With Tuesday Weld, Tuesday Weld
I dreamed of her then and I dream of her still
But will I meet Tuesday Weld?

"Lord Love A Duck" and "The Cincinnati Kid"
These are a few of the movies she did
I'm just hypnotized when she's up on the screen
The finest features that I've ever seen

Nevermind Sandra Dee and Yvette Mimieux
Forget Carol Lynley 'cause she never will do
If you see Connie Stevens, just take her away
'Cause she just can't hold a candle to-to-to-to Tuesday

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm not
But I figured I should just give it my best shot
I've got to meet her, now don't you see
I wrote this song to make her notice me

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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