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Disciples Of The Truth

Released on Luna Chica Records in 2007.

This is the third release by the band the first to include Walter Egan, who contributes his lyrical skills on the songs "On A Roll" and "Wrong Side Of Town" as well as guitar and backing vocals to most of the other tracks.

Burrito Deluxe is a sort of an alt-country/rock band. As a person who has never been much of a country fan - and despite being a die-hard Walter Egan fan - I was not expecting to like this album. However, there's always been a part of me that could never resist the sound of a good banjo, steel guitar, or mandolin and there is plenty of that to be had here. Though I will say that lead singer Carlton Moody's voice has, at times at least, too much twang for my tastes, but that's probably just the anti-country part of me rearing its head.

That being said, those who appreciate country music are likely to enjoy this one. Fans of Walter's other country band, The Brooklyn Cowboys, should be happy to note that this recording also includes Cowboys alums Jeff "Stick" Davis and Joy Lynn White.

My personal favorites from this one are "On A Roll" and "Who's Gonna Love You."

Out Of The Wilderness
2. Sun Will Rise
3. Front Row Seats To Heaven
4. Disciples Of The Truth
5. Wichita
6. On A Roll
7. When the Summer's Over
8. Encino
9. When It Comes Down On You
10. Wrong Side Of Town
11. Midnight At A Red Light
12. Who's Gonna Love You

Album Details:

Luna Chica Records, 2007 (Copyright 2006)

Recorded at Quad Studios. Nashville, TN
Produced by Greg Archilla
Co-Produced by Carlton Moody and Burrito Deluxe
Executive Producer - Paige Cofrin
Engineered and Mixed By Greg Archilla and Aaron Chmielewski

Photography and Design - Erick Anderson
A & R Direction - Brenda Cline and Greg Archilla
Creative Direction - Nashrock Entertainment
Management - Brenda Cline - Nashrock Entertainment

Burrito Deluxe:

Carlton Moody - lead vocalist, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, background vocals, duet on "Wrong Side Of Town"
Walter Egan - electric guitar, lead vocals on "On a Roll," duet on "Wrong Side Of Town," background vocals
Jeff "Stick" Davis - bass and background vocals
Richard Bell - B-3 organ, mellerton, synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano, clavinet, acoustic piano, and accordian
Bryan Owings - drums, percussion

Additional Musicians:

"Sneaky" Pete Kleinow - pedal steel
Mike Daly - pedal steel, lap steel, and dobro
Al Perkins - pedal steel, dobro
Cindy Cashdollar - pedal steel, dobro
Barry "Byrd" Burton - rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar
Craig Krampf - drums, percussion
Rick Lonow - drums, percussion
Daniel Dugmore - pedal steel, banjo
Richard Ferreira - rhythm guitar

Background Vocals:

Joy Lynn White - "Wichita," "When It Comes Down On You," "Alright," "Wrong Side Of Town"
Rick Schell - "On A Roll," "When the Summer's Over," "Out of the Wilderness"
Blue Miller - "Who's Gonna Love You" and "Sun Will Rise"
Rick Lonow - "Encino"
Richard Ferreira - "Encino"

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