Lyrics - Wet Sand

Wet Sand
(written by Gail Lloyd, from 2005's Dare To Be Different)

Took a trip to Venice in 1992
The whole city was a-sinkiní
There was nothiní I could do
Built on mud instead of solid ground
Slowly but surely itís all goiní down
You can bet your bottom dollar
Those Venetians understand
You donít build your foundation on wet sand

Cutting through the jungles of east Peru
I stumbled across an ancient pyramid or two
Now four thousand years have come and gone
But those old stone temples are still goiní strong
The fellas that built Ďem
Yeah they could understand
You donít build your foundation on wet sand

Rich man driviní in his yellow sports car
Spendiní all his money
No thought for whatís in store
Now heís liviní in that car
On the side of the road
Nothiní left to his name
But that wreck he calls home
In the dust on his windshield he writes with a shaky hand
Donít build your foundation on wet sand

The leader of the free world has hatched a little plan
Gonna steal himself some oil from some far off land
Dressed up like a soldier, thinks heís gonna win a war
Funny, heís never been a soldier before
Never been within 6,000 miles of Vietnam
Heís built his foundation on wet sand
Donít build your foundation on wet sand

I am nearly certain that I have correctly transcribed these lyrics. I listen to each song many times and write down what I hear but there are often lines that I struggle to understand. If you see a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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