Lyrics - Surfer's Tears

Surfer's Tears
(written by Walter Egan, from 2002's Beach Access)

In the South Bay
They know his name
His life is surfer’s lore
How he paddled out that ten foot board
So far away from shore

Noble and brave he was
On that, his fateful day
As he rode in like a conqueror
On that enormous wave

Just before the final ride
I recall so well
He turned around and smiled at us
And gave a rebel yell

And the last wave appears
The surfer’s tears

Now the ocean is calm again
The evening glassoff time
As I gaze upon the final rays
Of sunshine

Just as the mighty sea
Can swallow up the sun
So it took that mighty surfer
On his final run

And the last wave appears
The surfer’s tears

Waves of sorrow kissed the shore
He’s not coming back anymore

I am nearly certain that I correctly transcribed these lyrics. However, I often struggle to understand the lyrics and sometimes make mistakes. If you see a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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