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Album Review
The Malibooz: WRVR Sessions '65

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Album Review - The Malibooz: WRVR Sessions '65
by Phil Dirt

The Malibooz started life as the Malibus, later changing the spelling. In 1965, when these three tracks were recorded at New York City's WRVR, the Malibooz lineup was Chris Murray - guitar, John Zambetti - guitar, Walter Egan - guitar, Dennis 'Ace' Lopez - bass, and Tom Sharp - drums. These tracks are not remastered, but appear exactly as they were back in '65, except for the effects of age. They are muddy, but convey the vitality of the real working band. Aside from "Miserlou," which is reviewed here, there are two vocals, "Going To Malibu," and Chuck Berry's "Nadine." This is a genuine early glimpse into a band that survives until today.

Picks: Miserlou


This is a pretty beefy version of "Miserlou," with lots of surf reverb and energy. The lead guitar plays with the frills a bit in a way that sounds like it might have evolved from a dropped note, but it's used consistently throughout and adds a kind of focus. Lots of energy and a primal delivery. This is pretty late in the game for so much reverb.
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