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Album Review
The Malibooz: Beach Access

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Album Review - The Malibooz: Beach Access
by Phil Dirt

(Four Stars)

Four excellent surf instros are to be found in this new release from the Malibooz. As always, the vocal material is steeped in the California sound, and is very well done. The Malibooz and the Surfin' Lungs are the two bands that do this well today. These guys go all the way back to "the day," when it was all new.

Picks: Shredder, Faceoff At Dana Point (My Edit: My CD lists this song as "Faceoff At Point Dune," not sure if some cds differ.), Bel Mar Bolero, Glassoff


Rhythmic and thick, "Shredder" sports a fine lead line and lots of chunk. Smooth, yet fluid like green tubes at the edge of a storm. It's not often a chorus adds to a surf instro, but it does here. A really cool track! Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Faceoff At Dana Point"

Traditional surf chunk rhythms and a threatening rhythm guitar line, plus ominous lead work. This is a very unusual track, with an interesting blend of unrestrained power boom and glistening surf. Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Bel Mar Bolero"

Pumped up with harmonics and tuff surf rhythms, "Bel Mar Bolero" is a strong power surf track. Thick and driven with excellent drums, this grabs your attention and holds it, wearing you out by the time it's over. Excellent!
Surf Instrumental Stereo


Whistlin' and tribal drums open into shimmering guitar playing a moody melody line over a slow prom beat. Semi ominous, yet bonfire on the beach romantic. "Glassoff" is a nice track for sure. Surf Instrumental Stereo

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