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The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man In Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt)

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Album Review - The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man In Black

"The Other Man In Black" is a 5/6 ……I'll explain further on……..track mini album of which the title track is tribute to the memory of 'Nascar' driver Dale Earnhardt. Written by Egan and Perry the song is a lively rock and roller that will have you digging out the drapes and circular skirts and looking for the nearest dance-floor. Great!!

The next 4 tracks are all recorded 'LIVE', with two of them already seeing chart action via their release on the Country Hotdisc. The hard rocking "You Must Be From Nashville" is the current release and is a bit to heavy for my ears, as is "Reachin' For The Sky" while "Learn How To Love Me" is a cut from their earlier album "Doin' Time On Planet Earth" which made #3 in the EMS European charts in June 2001.

"Right Now" is a lively rocker co-penned by band member Brian Waldsclager with Louis Owens, that chugs along at high speed, with a very catchy boom-chicka-boom, train like rhythm. There's some great harmonica and some excellent guitar pickin' on this one too. It would be interesting to see how well this track would do if released as a single to radio, although it might be a little too rocky for some country jocks.

The CD also contains a hidden track, "Presence Of God" written by Fredro Perry, which is not mentioned on the sleeve. The Banjo laden gospel track is probably the most country sounding and certainly the most country radio friendly track on here and could quite easily have come off a Gram Parsons album. I believe there are plans at this time to release this track on the Country Hotdisc. I'm confident it will be a chart topper if they do!!

Although they get a little bit heavy for me at times, The Brooklyn Cowboys are a very talented and experienced outfit who hark-back to the southern rock days of the late 60s and early 70s. If that sounds like your kind of music, then make sure you get your hands on this fine mini album.

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