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CD Review
The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt)

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Album Review - The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black
by Scott Homewood

As oxymoronic as their name is, at least the Brooklyn Cowboys' music is a definite "no-brainer": using lots of twang, driving rockabilly/Bakersfield beats and five fun, fun, fun songs to create a mucho enjoyable EP release.

The lead song is, of course, a tribute to the NASCAR racing legend killed during competition last year. While the song title uses the word 'ballad,' the use is misleading as this is a blistering rocker reminiscent of Dave Edmunds' best work. In other words, the song charges at a breakneck place with tons of Berry tasty guitar and a blazing solo with nary a wasted second. Sung by head Cowboy Walter Egan (of 'Magnet and Steel' AM-radio pop fame) the cut captures the musical essence of what racing stands for: energy and excitement. The rest are live cuts taken from one of the shows on the Cowboys' tour and include cuts from the Cowboys' debut plus a live version of a song from Cowboy Brian Waldschlager's recent solo record.

Either as a sampler or a tease, this EP does the job if you're seeking prime country. Not only does it provide about half an album's worth of killer twang-tunes, it also successfully whets the appetite for the next full-length Cowboys album.

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