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Album Review
The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt)

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Album Review - The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black
by Linda Fryer

HOLY COW! This one just knocked my socks off! Not, literally, of course, but this is one very ROCKIN' CD!! And if you're a fan of NASCAR (as I am), then this is a MUST HAVE.

The Brooklyn Cowboys are a unique band. They have set themselves apart from the status quo…taking country down and deep into rock-n-roll, and bursting at the seams with FUN. Now admittedly, you do have to like 'rock-a-billy' a little bit, to truly appreciate their sound and style. It's not exactly traditional country. But if you feel like breaking loose for an hour or two, and kickin' up your cowboy heels, then go for it!

The first and title track "The Other Man In Black (the ballad of Dale Earnhardt)" (Egan/Perry), is almost beyond description! Assuming this one was written by and for the fans of this racing legend, the writers AND band, simply could not have done it any better. Lyrically, it pushes all the right buttons, never misses its mark…and musically its just wild! You won't be able to ignore this song. Even if you're NOT a race fan, you will love it…'cause the music will rock you to your very soul.

"Right Now" (Waldschlager/Owens) and "You Must Be From Nashville" (Todd Steed) hold on to the country, but you can't deny the flavor of rock that's mixed into the recipe. It's just great fun to listen to…AND dance to! Hey, wear yourself out!

This album contains just 6 tunes, a good starter-CD for new Brooklyn Cowboy fans. And the minute you hear it, I know you'll want to run out to find their previous album, released in April of 2000, "Doin' Time On Planet Earth", to go with it. These are guys who obviously love what they do, and we're all really lucky they decided to record some of their live performances, so we could share in the fun!

Don't miss this one, folks. Believe me, it's just too good to pass up. AND, I'm bettin' all you Earnhardt fans will be INSTANT Brooklyn Cowboy fans, as well! is their official website, and you can find the music there. But you can also find it in stores on Feb. 12th, its planned release date. What a lucky girl I am to have this one… ahead of the crowd. Thanks, guys, and thanks too, to Martha Moore (So Much Moore Marketing & Media) for asking me to listen to this one. It was MY pleasure! And, yep, this has been, as always, An Independent View by Linda Fryer Freelance Music/Entertainment Journalist.

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