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Album Review
The Malibooz: Malibooz Yule

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Album Review - The Malibooz: Malibooz Yule
by Richard Banks

The Malibooz take traditional Christmas favorites out into the Malibu surf and bring them back with a California tan. Little Surfin Drummer Boy is the rockingest drummer boy I've ever heard. He would keep the little Jesus baby up all night long!

Made in the best surf-rock tradition--full of California dreamin' riffs and surf's up paradiddles-- this record has a lot going for it. I particularly liked the beach feel of Carol of the Swells, where John Zambetti's guitar is used very effectively to make the sound of the swells. The other thing I like is the number of new and "revised" songs. The Malibooz have written some very nice original lyrics, some of which have been put to traditional tunes and others given a (Malibu) Christmas flavor.

Although this record was released in 1992, it is new to me. I am proud to have the opportunity to share such a beautiful sound. If you love the Beach Boys, the Ventures or Annette Funnicello, you will love this very special Christmas record. Go ahead, hop in the woody, catch a wave, and surf over to their site to order a copy of this classic.

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