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Walter Egan: Not Shy

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CD Review - Walter Egan: Not Shy
by Rick Kutner

A year after recording his 1977 debut album Fundamental Roll, New York City native turned California rocker Walter Egan, found himself back in the studio once again joining forces with Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham (producer) and Stevie Nicks (background vocals). The winning combination of the Egan, Buckingham, and Nicks on Not Shy proved it's potency by giving Egan one of the biggest smash hits of 1978, "Magnet & Steel" which peaked at # 8 on the Billboard charts. Much like it's predecessor Fundamental Roll, Not Shy oozes sexy summertime California pop rock complete with an impeccable production and Egan's knack for writing catchy fun-loving romantic lyrics. Which again is best exemplified on "Magnet & Steel", a 50's doo-wop style ballad in which Egan's warm laid-back soulful voice melts with Buckingham and Nick's angelic background vocals. While the remaining nine tracks on Not Shy may not come close to the magic of "Magnet & Steel" most are as equally memorable. After listening to the record it's a mystery why such tracks as "Blonde in The Blue T-Bird" (featuring Dean Torrance of Jan & Dean fame on background vocals) and "Finally Find A Girlfriend" didn't give Egan any follow up hits. Stylistically Not Shy exhibits a bit of sleeker pop-rock approach than the more straight-up country rock of Fundamental Roll but at the same time still maintains a good dose of classic country rock twang. Like Fundamental Roll, Not Shy is a lost 70s treasure and is highly recommend listening for both fans of Fleetwood Mac and goodtime Southern California rock in general.

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