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Walter Egan: Fundamental Roll/Not Shy

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CD Review - Walter Egan: Fundamental Roll/Not Shy
by Thom Jurek

Walter Egan's big hit, "Magnet & Steel," was issued on his Not Shy album in 1978, his sophomore effort. It was the only chart score he ever had. That said, this two-fer reissue of Egan's first two offerings is a solid chapter in the California pop/rock canon of the 1970s. History is kind in its view here, because Egan's own songwriting is top-notch, and having Lindsey Buckingham as a producer with backing vocals from Stevie Nicks on both albums couldn't hurt either, since this was Mac's prime era. These are solid outings, the groove quotient is high, the vibes are warm and sunny, and the attitude is perfect with a fine balance between sweetness and swagger. Other standouts include "She's So Tough," "Surfin' & Drivin'" (with Dean Torrence from Jan & Dean), and "When I Get My Wheels."

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