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Album Review
The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt)

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Album Review - The Brooklyn Cowboys: The Other Man in Black
by Jennifer Webb

The Brooklyn Cowboys are back with their special blend of 70's flavored Rock and Country Music and after the five songs on here, you are left wishing they could have included at least five more tracks to jam along to.

"The Other Man In Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt)" really gets a person going with the constant backbeat of the drums and guitar and it makes you feel like you should go out and dance along at the speediest pace you can manage. "It's hard to lose a friend but hey, that's racin'. Your legend didn't end upon that wall. We shared a bond death can't break. You took the checkered flag at the pearly gates."

Another upbeat tune is "Right Now," about how the guy is not thinking about the future or the past, he is working on what is going on this very minute after he sees a girl he wants to learn more about. Right now, he says he will have no more dirty laundry on the floor because he is working on becoming a more likeable guy.

"Learn How to Love Me," a song found on the Brooklyn Cowboy's previous album, is about how the girl has to learn how to love him first, and then he will follow his own advice and do the same. The catch is that if she decides not to do as he instructs, there will always be more girls out there that would be willing to do anything to be with him.

If I had to pick a favorite track from The Other Man In Black, I would definitely pick the untitled bonus track because it stands out from the other selections, in that it really catches the attention with its lovely banjos and overall bluegrass sound. The whole premise of the song is that when you have God in your life, you will have true joy and happiness.

As a matter of fact, the previously mentioned song on its own made me think about how great it would be for the Brooklyn Cowboys to release their very own album full of splendid bluegrass music because I know for sure I would purchase it in a heart beat. Whatever style, I hope that the next time they release an album that it will contain nothing but new songs for everyone to enjoy instead of putting together one new song and have the rest be already well known fan favorites.

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