With Honors - 1994 (PG-13)


Year of Release: 1994
Rated: PG-13
Director(s): Alek Keshishian
Approx. Running Time: 101 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"You will love every moment. Magnificently acted."

"I'm a bum. But...I'm a Harvard Bum," says Simon Wilder (Academy Award winner Joe Pesci), who lives by his wits on that campus. There he meets senior Monty Kessler (Brendan Fraser), who would have nothing to do with the homeless man if not for one thing: Simon has the only copy of Monty's senior thesis! He'll return it for food, a place to stay and more: one page - for one favor - at a time. A new life is beginning for Monty and his roomies (Moria Kelly, Patrick Dempsey, Jash Hamilton). They're about to learn that if you want a degree, go to Harvard. If you want to learn about life, see Simon Wilder in the warm and winning With Honors.

My Comments:

Okay, so the plot is a little bit unrealistic and, at times, downright corny, but the acting is phenomenal and the characters are unforgettable. Pair great acting with an amazing and eclectic soundtrack (including songs by Madonna, Lindsey Buckingham, Duran Duran, Pretenders, Belly, Candlebox, The Cult, Lyle Lovett, and more) and you have another of my absolute favorites. I recommend giving the soundtrack a listen as well.

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Rated PG-13 (MPAA)
4 Stars
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