The Wild - 2006 (G)

Featuring The Voices Of:

Year of Release: 2006
Rated: G
Director(s): Steve 'Spaz' Williams
Animation Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Approx. Running Time: 82 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 2 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

Go wild with the hysterical adventure the New York Daily News calls "truly infectious!" Disney uncages the laughs in the hip and hilarious comedy The Wild.

When a band of furry friends escape from the city zoo, they discover the New York City is the biggest, craziest jungle of all. Now, faced with a new journey and the challenge of a lifetime, they must work together if they are going to survive on the outside. The Wild is ferocious fun thatwill have your whole family roaring with laughter.

My Comments:

Okay, so this is an animated movie about animals that escape from Central Park zoo and end up in the wild. Sound familiar? I thought so, too. However, the similarities between this film and Madagascar pretty much end there.

While the animation of The Wild has a much more realistic appearance than that of Madagascar and boasts an excellent voice cast, the characters lack the wit and soul of those in the DreamWorks film. Also, being a G rated film, it lacks the edginess that is the trademark of that other animation studio (DreamWorks). The pacing is slow and some of the movements of the characters are, in a word, awkward. It just lacks the magic of other recent animated films. It's not unwatchable, by any means, but it's not a movie I would recommend, either.

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Rated G (MPAA)
2 Stars
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