Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: A Bunch Of Videos And Some Other Stuff - 1989 (Not Rated)


Year of Release: 1989
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 75 minutes
Format(s): VHS
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, in a blatant example of crass commercialism, seem to believe that great music and award-winning visuals and never-before-seen comic vignettes are all it takes to dupe the puclic into buying this complilation of their classic videos. Well... maybe they're right!

A Bunch Of Videos And Some Other Stuff Features:

My Comments:

Nice little collection of music videos and random clips of the band. Highlight of the video? "I'm Stupid." Classic.

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Not Rated (MPAA)
4 Stars
1989 (Year of Release)
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