Roseanne - 1988-1997 (Not Rated)

Roseanne: The Complete First Season - 1988-1989 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1988, 1989
Year of DVD Release: 2005
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 505 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"One Of The Greatest Shows Of All Time"

In 1988, it exploded onto TV full of unprecedented honesty, attitude and flat-out hilarity. No other series - before or since - has had its worldwide impact. In this groundbreaking debut season, meet the working-class Conners of Lanford, Illinois - wife/mother/domestic goddess Roseanne (Emmy-winner Roseanne Barr), husband Dan (seven-time Emmy-nominee John Goodman), her sister Jackie (three-time Emmy-winner Laurie Metcalf) and kids Becky (Lecy Goranson), Darlene (two time Emmy-nominee Sara Gilbert) and D.J. (Michael Fishman). Watch as they live their lives like no other family in television history as they launch the legendary sitcom that changed our culture forever.

It all begins with these 23 classic episodes - featuring such guest stars as George Clooney, Fred Dalton Thompson and more - including never before seen Bonus Material produced exclusively for this collection.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Life And Stuff
Roseanne deals with complaints that her daughter Darlene barks in school.

Episode 2: We're In The Money
Although Dan and Roseanne agree not to spend any of Dan's $500 advance on themselves, neither can resist the temptation.

Episode 3: D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Jackie babysits while Roseanne and Dan go out to a formal restaurant dinner - at which they see a recently divorced friend.

Episode 4: Language Lessons
A body language test reveals Dan's innermost feelings about his sister-in-law; Darlene has a bone to pick with D.J.

Episode 5: Radio Days
A songwriting contest unleashes creativity in Dan and Roseanne, while Booker unleashes uncontrolled impulses in Jackie.

Episode 6: Lovers' Lane
Bowling night finds Roseanne checking out Becky's new boyfriend Chip, while Jackie and Booker make a bet with high stakes.

Episode 7: The Memory Game
Roseanne discovers that Dan had a one-night stand with her high-school nemesis years ago.

Episode 8: Here's To Good Friends
Roseanne and Jackie help Crystal drown her sorrows over breaking up with her lover by taking her to the Lobo Lounge for a few pink squirrels and a pep talk.

Episode 9: Dan's Birthday Bash
Dan's birthday bash at the Lobo Lounge is interrupted by a bully who picks a fight with Dan at the pool table.

Episode 10: Saturday
Roseanne bets Dan he'll never finish repairing his truck.

Episode 11: Canoga Time
Dan can't bear to part with the "junk" Roseanne wants to donate to a rummage sale; Darlene forges a passing grade on her report card.

Episode 12: The Monday Thru Friday Show
Dan and Roseanne disagree about where to spend a romantic 15th anniversary; Becky refuses to dissect a frog in biology class; Darlene finds her paper route more than she can handle.

Episode 13: Bridge Over Troubled Sonny
Crystal struggles to cope with the death of her husband; Darlene decides it's cool to smoke.

Episode 14: Father's Day
Roseanne steps in to referee when Dan's visiting father pontificates about Dan wasting time workign as a contractor.

Episode 15: Nightmare On Oak Street
Darlene's bad dreams aren't due to the scary movies she's been watching.

Episode 16: Mall Story
Roseanne takes her reluctant family on a shopping spree at Lanford Mall.

Episode 17: Becky's Choice
Becky is eager for the dinner party with Chip and his parents to come to an end.

Episode 18: The Slice Of Life
Darlene's emergency appendectomy makes Roseanne anxious and guilty over having yelled at Darlene earlier.

Episode 19: Workin' Overtime
After two weeks of overtime at work and chaos at home, Roseanne takes refuge at a diner.

Episode 20: Toto, We're Not In Kansas Anymore
As a tornado spins through Lanford, a storm is brewing inside the Conner house over the whereabouts of Jackie who hasn't returned from her trip to the market.

Episode 21: Death And Stuff
During the family's busy weekend activities, a door-to-door salesman drops by - and then drops dead in the Conner kitchen.

Episode 22: Dear Mom And Dad
An unannounced visit by Roseanne's parents has the Conner house in an uproar.

Episode 23: Let's Call It Quits
Roseanne has difficulty accepting new rules from a tough new supervisor at the factory.

My Comments:

Probably the best representation of middle class family life ever seen on television. It's really entertaining and addictive. And, unlike the other family sitcom I watched at the time (Married With Children) the characters of Roseanne will squabble and get angry, but in the end their love and affection for each other really shines through.

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Not Rated (MPAA)
4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Second Season - 1989-1990 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1989, 1990
Year of DVD Release: 2005
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 530 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"GROUNDBREAKING... TV's Greatest Working Class Act!"

Includes New Interviews With John Goodman and Michael Fishman!

America's favorite dysfunctional family - Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr), husband Dan (John Goodman), her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and kids Becky (Lecy Goranson), Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and D.J. (Michael Fishman) - is back in their acclaimed second season. Laugh along with an unforgettable year of odd jobs and bathtub dreams, broken romance and Halloween pranks, weight-loss programs and school assembly humiliations, the arrival of Arnie Thomas and the reunion with Ziggy, Dan's dad hooking up with Crystal, Jackie joining the police academy, family bonding gone wrong and much, much more!

Rlive all 24 classic episodes featuring such guest stars as Tom Arnold, Stephen Dorff, Ned Beatty, Estelle Parsons, Stephen Root, Brian Kerwin, Jay O. Sanders and Bert Parks, plus exclusive Extras the include new interviews with John Goodman and Michael Fishman, rare behind-the-scenes footage and more.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Inherit The Wind
Becky suffers major public embarrassment at school when she passes gas during a presentation before her fellow students.

Episode 2: The Little Sister
Roseanne refuses to support Jackie when she decides to become a police officer.

Episode 3: Guilt By Disassociation
After months of frustrating job-hunting, Roseanne is hired for what seems like the ideal position. But when they find out she doesn't know how to work on a computer, she loses the job on the same day.

Episode 4: Somebody Stole My Gal
Roseanne is offered a temporary job by Dan's boss. This takes her away a bit more than Dan likes, so to smooth things out, Roseanne invites Dan's boss, Burt, to dinner.

Episode 5: House Of Grown-Ups
Roseanne has a difficult time accepting the fact that Jackie is going away to police training camp.

Episode 6: Five Of A Kind
Dan's buddies come over for a night of poker and camaraderie, but when Dan isn't watching, one of his buddies (guest star Tom Arnold) gives a shocked Roseanne a very affectionate kiss.

Episode 7: BOO!
Halloween takes on a whole new meaning when Dan and Roseanne square off in a showdown of homemade horror.

Episode 8: Sweet Dreams
Experience the secret desires of a domestic goddess in Roseanne's ultimate dream fantasy.

Episode 9: We Gather Together
The Conner clan gathers for an unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner.

Episode 10: Brain-Dead Poet's Society
Much to her discomfort, Darlene writes a poem for school and wins a prize.

Episode 11: Lobocop
Roseanne and Dan realize they are drifting apart after she takes a second job working nights at the Lobo Lounge.

Episode 12: No Talking
When Roseanne lays down the law of the land, Becky goes on a rampage.

Episode 13: Chicken Hearts
Roseanne finds it difficult to treat her new boss at Chicken Divine with any respect - he's a spiteful, unpleasant 17-year-old.

Episode 14: One For The Road
When Dan and Roseanne are away at Grandma's, Becky and her friend Karen decide to get plastered.

Episode 15: An Officer And A Gentleman
Roseanne gets called out of town to help her parents and she's forced to leave the family with Jackie.

Episode 16: Born To Be Wild
An old biker-buddy of Dan's blows into Lanford and brings with him pictures of the old days, and memories of the past. Dan and Roseanne are hit with the realization that they have forsaken their wild rebels-on-wheels days for the "peacefulness" of household domesticity.

Episode 17: Hair
Roseanne believes she's sunk to an all-time low when she applies for a job at a beauty salon sweeping floors, making coffee, and answering phones - three of the things she does at home.

Episode 18: I'm Hungry
Roseanne and Dan go on a diet.

Episode 19: All Of Me - Part I
Jackie has finally gotten lucky.

Episode 20: To Tell The Truth - Part II
Roseanne's unwanted meddling into Jackie's new love affair has caused the two sisters to stop speaking to each other.

Episode 21: Fender Bender
Roseanne gets into a car crash with Mrs. Wellman, her former employer.

Episode 22: April Fool's Day
Income tax deadlines find Roseanne and Dan giving the kids a frantic lesson in "One-Minute" family accounting.

Episode 23: Fathers And Daughters
In an effort to get closer to Becky and Darlene, Roseanne and Dan step into strange new terrain.

Episode 24: Happy Birthday
Roseanne wants to take up writing again, but to her dismay can't find the time or place to concentrate.

My Comments:

Another great season of love and laughs. Pay particular attention to episode 10, in which we see Darlene's softer side.

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4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Third Season - 1990-1991 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1990-1991
Year of DVD Release: 2006
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 554 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"THE DOMESTIC GODDESS AT THE HIGHT OF HER POWER... Roseanne Was One Of The Great And Most Original Television Feminists!"

All hail the domestic goddess! in this top-rated third season, Roseanne Conner and family continue to push the sitcom envelope as they deliver one of the most acclaimed and daring shows in television history. Relive all the classic hilarity as Roseanne explains the facts of life to Darlene, Dan endures PMS, Becky moves in with Jackie, D.J. turns weird, Nana Mary visits, Valentine's Day gets forgotten, curfews are broken, surprise weddings and pregnancies rock the house and much more!

Season Three of Roseanne includes appearannces by Tom Arnold, Ned Beatty, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Garrett, Judy Gold, Alyson Hannigan, Tobey Maguire, Martin Mull, Estelle Parsons, Natalie West and Shelley Winters.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: The Test
Roseanne has missed her period, and tells Dan about her possible pregnancy. Soon after that, the whole family finds out, and displays some unpredictable reactions as they sweat out the results of the home pregnancy test!

Episode 2: Friends & Relatives
Dan's sizable loan to his best friend, Arnie, doesn't sit well with Rosey when Dan loses out on a big job, which puts the whole family in debt, Dan, afraid to ask Arnie for the money back, feels forced to ask Jackie for a loan.

Episode 3: Like A Virgin
Roseanne feels it's time to give eldest daughter Becky "the talk" about boys. But Roseanne soon discovers that tomboy daughter Darlene may also be ready for a few words of wisdom from mom.

Episode 4: Like A New Job
Roseanne's new job is Becky and Darlene's worst nightmare. Their mom is the new waitress at the diner they hang out in!

Episode 5: Goodbye Mr. Right
Jackie's boyfriend, Gary, decides he can't take worrying anymore when Jackie is injured again while on duty as a police officer. He issues Jackie an ultimatum - quit the job or he'll end the relationship.

Episode 6: Becky, Beds & Boys
Becky bends the rules to suit herself and continues to date a boy her parents don't like. Meanwhile, Roseanne and Dan have a lot of fun shopping for a new bed.

Episode 7: Trick Or Treat
It's Halloween, and Roseanne is going to a costume party at the Lobo Lounge. When she shows up dressed as a bearded lumberjack, she is totally convincing, and decides to keep up the charade.

Episode 8: PMS, I Love You
Roseanne endures the emotional ups and downs of "that time of the month," while frantically preparing for Dan's surprise birthday party. But Dan fears that as the party draws nearer (and Roseanne gets more emotional), he'll be the one that suffers the most!

Episode 9: Bird Is The Word
Becky suddenly becomes one of the coolest kids at school and at home, when she's caught making a rude hand gesture in her class picture. But opinions change quickly when Roseanne gets summoned to the principal's office - for detention!

Episode 10: Dream Lover
Dan talks in his sleep, and Roseanne gets suspicious when his sweet dreams turn into nocturnal affairs. Dan, knowing that Roseanne is onto his dream lover, confesses who she is and says it's just a "dream." Soon after that Dan finds himself in the doghouse and occupying the couch.

Episode 11: Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?
Becky and Darlene land in hot water when they break curfew. Later Dan gets romantic and springs a surprise anniversary celebration on Roseanne. While at dinner, Dan and Roseanne decide to teach Becky and Darlene a lesson, with a little help from Jackie.

Episode 12: Confessions
Roseanne's mom drops in for dinner, and everyone heads for the hills except Becky, who can do no wrong. Not wanting to be stuck home alone with her mom, Rosey manages to sucker Jackie into coming over. To their surprise, mother has a new attitude, one that unfortunately sends Roseanne into a raging fit.

Episode 13: The Courtship Of Eddie, Dan's Father
Dan's father stuns the Conners with a big announcement: He plans to marry Roseanne's best friend, Crystal. Roseanne is upset, but her reaction is mild compared to Dan's, who has no intention of letting the marriage take place!

Episode 14: The Wedding
Keeping busy with Ed and Crystal's wedding preparations, the Conners try to accept the unlikely courtship. Roseanne and Jackie throw Crystal a bridal shower, but an upset Dan gives his father the silent treatment.

Episode 15: Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When Roseanne's discipline goes too far for her daughter's liking, Becky moves in with Aunt Jackie, declaring that she'll never live at home again. Everyone is uneasy about the change - especially Jackie, whose lifestyle is cramped by the teenager.

Episode 16: Home-Ec
Roseanne decides to give Darlene's home economics class a crash course in the realities of family dining on a budget. Lesson #1: stretching meatloaf to feed five people by adding a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Dan helps D.J. with a school bully.

Episode 17: Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day and Cupid's arrows go astray at the Conner house. Roseanne is mad at Dan for forgetting what day it is, and Darlene's heart is broken when a boy she likes asks Becky to the school dance.

Episode 18: Communicable Theater
Jackie is in a community play. But when she doesn't know her lines, she needs Roseanne's help to get through it. Meanwhile, Dan has been hit with the flu and is acting like a baby. To top it all off, D.J. is getting a merit badge with the local scouts.

Episode 19: Vegas Interruptus
Dan and Roseanne have been planning a trip to Vegas for what seems like forever, and the weekend has finally arrived. But Rosey finds out she's scheduled to work. Now, she can go to Vegas and lose her job, or she can stay at home and lose her mind.

Episode 20: Her Boyfriend's Back
Dan flips out when Becky and her boyfriend, Mark, borrow his prized motorcycle without asking. But instead of grounding her, Dan gives her the silent treatment. Meanwhile, Roseanne's fed up with all of Becky's sneaking around with Mark and goes to his apartment for a showdown. Becky has no idea what Roseanne is doing.

Episode 21: Troubles With The Rubbles
The Conner household is buzzing when the neighbors move in next door. Seeing the inside of the Rubbles' beautifully decorated home, Roseanne pressures Dan to remodel their eyesore immediately.

Episode 22: Second Time Around
The Conners anticipate a baby boom as Roseanne helps Crystal get ready for her childbirth classes Also Dan has a near-miss accident at work that causes a worried D.J. to follow Dan wherever he goes.

Episode 23: Dances With Darlene
Much to Darlene's chagrin, the whole family fusses over her when she gets asked to her first school dance.

Episode 24: Scenes From A Barbeque
Shelley Winters guest-stars as Roseanne's grandmother, Mary, whose wise-cracking personality charms everyone, so much so that Roseanne begs Mary to stay with the Conners - permanently.

Episode 25: The Pied Piper Of Lanford
Just as Don and Roseanne have comitted themselves to opening a new business with their old friend, Ziggy, an unexpected development leaves them in a very sticky situation.

My Comments:

More incredible and groundbreaking television. Truly one of the greatest series ever made.

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4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Fourth Season - 1991-1992 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1991-1992
Year of DVD Release: 2006
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 583 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

From Back Cover:

"AN AMAZING SHOW... One Of TV's Best Comedies Ever!"

For the Conner household, it was the year of Lanford Custom Cycles and Rodbell's Luncheonette, Roseanne's breast reduction and bingo addiction, Becky's birth control, Dan's bowling team, Darlene in black, a Las Vegas wedding and even an alien abduction. There's an unforgettable Halloween, an outrageous Thanksgiving, one very surprising mall Santa, a Mother's Day surprise and much more, all in this classic season of the comedy series that changed television forever.

Martin Mull, Bonnie Bramlett, Sandra Bernhard, Natalie West and Tom Arnold guest star in these 25 uncut episodes featuring additional guest stars such as Bob Hope, George Clooney, Wayne Newton, Shelley Winters, David Crosby, Neil Patrick Harris, Rick Dees, Estelle Parsons and more.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: A Bitter Pill To Swallow
Roseanne attempts to stay calm once Becky tells her that she wants to be on birth control.

Episode 2: Take My Bike, Please
Becky is running things at home, which leads to problems with her siblings, while Roseanne and Dan are struggling at work.

Episode 3: Why Jackie Became A Trucker
Jackie is vulnerable to another man after seeing her ex-boyfriend with his lover.

Episode 4: Darlene Fades To Black
Outgoing Darlene goes through a rebelling stage with her parents while beginning her first year of high school. And to make Dan and Roseanne even more irate, Becky wants a motorcycle.

Episode 5: Tolerate Thy Neighbor
The neighbors (the Rubbles) go on vacation and come back to an empty robbed house. Ironically, the surprised Conners witnessed the whole thing but thought it was a local charity.

Episode 6: Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
Dan and Roseanne are in the Halloween spirit and decide to pull an evil trick on their neighbors. Then Roseanne becomes paranoid that they may also have something up their sleeves.

Episode 7: Vegas
Roseanne and Dan are invited to their friends wedding in Las Vegas and they are extremely overjoyed.

Episode 8: Vegas, Vegas
Once the Conners arrive to Vegas, Roseanne is not only in the wedding spirit but also on cloud nine because she gets to see her biggest idol - Wayne Newton.

Episode 9: Stressed To Kill
Roseanne is stressed with working two jobs and to top off all her stress, she decides to quit smoking. As if things couldn't get any worse, Becky gets caught writing a term paper for Darlene.

Episode 10: Thanksgiving 1991
Once again, Roseanne is in charge of the Thanksgiving family dinner. Her night ends up spoiled with shocking news that she had to beat out of her mother on why her father "really" couldn't make it to the occasion.

Episode 11: Kansas City Here We Come
Jackie and Roseanne go on a road trip to meet their father's mysterious long-time girlfriend. As if that ride couldn't be filled with anymore awkwardness they find themselves standing right at the "girlfriend's" door.

Episode 12: Santa Claus
Roseanne and Dan are uncertain about a new and older friend that Darlene has. As Roseanne is working part-time as Santa, she accidentally meets Darlene's new friend and is more aware of why Darlene has been isolated.

Episode 13: Bingo
Roseanne becomes hooked on playing bingo and her family is worried that ti might turn into an addiction.

Episode 14: Bowling
Testosterone takes over Dan & Arnie when they both attempt to get their team out of last place while bowling. Also, Roseanne is feeling a little competitive with Darlene's new friend, Nancy.

Episode 15: The Back Story
The Conner residence becomes extremely hectic when Roseanne is trapped in bed with a hurt back. That leaves Dan in charge of D.J.'s birthday and Becky begging for a new car.

Episode 16: Less Is More
Roseanne's only solution for her unpleasant back problem might be surgery, which will create a new problem with her and Dan.

Episode 17: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Becky is down because of her break up with Mark and even more depressed to find that he is still working with Dan. Roseanne couldn't be any happier about the break up and Dan is happy with Becky's new date.

Episode 18: This Old House
Roseanne and Jackie are forced to say goodbye to their childhood home, which is soon to be demolished. Roseanne then becomes more upset to find out that Darlene is "talking" to Becky's ex-boyfriend's younger brother, David.

Episode 19: The Commercial Show
Roseanne knows that her family would be perfect for the TV commercial for the coffee shop, so she tries persuading her boss to let them do it.

Episode 20: Therapy
Roseanne takes a visit to Jackie's therapist, Roseanne is feeling pretty strong-minded about Jackie and their accountant dating, even though Jackie disagrees.

Episode 21: Lies
Darlene goes to Dan for relationship advice about David, which leaves Roseanne feeling blown over. Also, Roseanne is feeling uneasy about taking a lie detector test about a theft at her job.

Episode 22: Deliverance
Dan is stuck being Crystal's coach while she goes into labor because Roseanne is trapped at work.

Episode 23: Secrets
Mark gets drunk and is concerned about his troubles with Becky. So Dan helps him out and tells Roseanne to keep it a secret.

Episode 24: Don't Make Me Over
Becky and Darlene treat Roseanne to a beauty makeover for Mother's Day, but have something else up their sleeves.

Episode 25: Aliens
The whole family is struggling with school and work but D.J. pulls everyone together.

My Comments:

The season where the show really hit its stride. Now a high-schooler, Darlene is no longer the sporty tomboy she once was, instead she becomes much darker, more sarcastic and dry-witted. And that appeals to me.. wonder why?

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4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Fifth Season - 1992-1993 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1992-1993
Year of DVD Release: 2006
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 575 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"ONE OF TV'S BEST COMEDIES EVER... The Beloved Show That Re-Wrote The Sitcom Rules!"

Roseanne is out of work, Dan's bike shop goes under, Becky moves away, and that's just the two-part season opener! In these 25 unforgettable episodes, The Conners electricity is turned off, Darlene turns sweet 16, The Lunch Box opens, Nancy comes out, David moves in, DJ becomes a peeping tom, and Dan and Roseanne celebrate their 20th Anniversary. There's an RV trip to California, the death of Jackie and Roseanne's father, classic Halloween and Christmas episodes, and much more in the year that won Emmy Awards for both Roseanne and Laurie Metcalf.

Natalie West co-stars in this hilarious season featuring the performances by Johnny Galecki, Sandra Bernhard, Danielle Harris, Wings Hauser, Loretta Lynn, Morgan Fairchild, Bill Maher, Shelly Winters, Estelle Parsons, Ed Begley Jr, Black Clark, Tom Arnold, Red Buttons, Sally Kirkland, Tim Curry, Martin Mull, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joan Collins.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Terms Of Estrangement - Part 1
Dan and Roseanne try to look on the bright side while their business is going downhill. And Becky elopes with her boyfriend Mark.

Episode 2: Terms Of Estrangement - Part 2
Roseanne is trying to cheer Dan up after the loss of their motorcycle business, as Becky returns back home to face her parents.

Episode 3: The Dark Ages
During a blackout at the Conner's, Darlene gets accused of spending the night with her boyfriend.

Episode 4: Mommy Nearest
Roseanne and Jackie's mother gives them a little financial assistance after giving them some shocking news; she's moving to Lanford!

Episode 5: Pretty In Black
After Roseanne throws Darlene a nasty sweet sixteen party, Darlene is out for vengeance and decides to dye her hair black.

Episode 6: Looking For Loans In All The Wrong Places
Roseanne and Jackie are attempting to receive a bank loan and it's not working out. So they are forced to go to their last resort for help, their mother!

Episode 7: Halloween IV
For the first time Roseanne is not in the Halloween spirit. So she is visited by the Ghost of Halloween in an attempt to change her mood.

Episode 8: Ladies' Choice
Roseanne and Jackie learn about Nancy's lesbian lifestyle.

Episode 9: Stand On Your Man
Arnies comes back in to town for Nancy and has yet to her about her new lifestyle. Meanwhile Jackie wants the girls to sign up for a self defense class after Roseanne is threatened at work.

Episode 10: Good Girls, Bad Girls
Darlene is left ditched at a rock concert, when her friend leaves with a guy.

Episode 11: Of Ice And Men
DJ wants a position on the hockey team so Dan comes to the rescue.

Episode 12: No Place Like Home For The Holidays
The Conners are left apart from one another for Christmas because of a terrible snow storm.

Episode 13: Crime And Punishment, Part 1
Dan has an appointment with DJ's principal after DJ is caught with obscene reading material, which actually belongs to Darlene.

Episode 14: War And Peace, Part 2
After hearing disturing news about Jackie's boyfriend, Dan takes matters into his own hands and ends up in jail. Meanwhile, Roseanne is talking Jackie into leaving her abusive boyfriend.

Episode 15: Lanford Daze
The Conners are all running around like a chicken with its head cut of, but they are all left with a memorable Lanford Days Celebration.

Episode 16: Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home
Roseanne is left with the world on her shoulders when her father passes away.

Episode 17: First Cousin, Twice Removed
Roseanne's snobby cousin makes a surprise visit and leaves after causing a feud at the Conner's.

Episode 18: Lose A Job, Winnebago
The Conners take a trip to Hollywood to attend a taping of The Jackie Thomas Show, while Dan tries to persuade Roseanne to have another child.

Episode 19: It's A Boy
Roseanne and Darlene are left with convincing Dan to let Darlene's boyfriend move in with them.

Episode 20: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...
Roseanne surprises Dan with a sexy photograph for their 20th anniversary, but Dan's surprise leads to some conflict.

Episode 21: Playing With Matches
Roseanne decides to play cupid when she learns that her mom made a new friend at the retirement home.

Episode 22: Promises, Promises
Darlene and David's relationship is headed down a different path after Darlene surprises him with a hotel room after prom.

Episode 23: Glengarry, Glen Rosey
Roseanne and Dan are going through financial problems and are close to losing their house. Lucky for them Jackie saves the day and decides on buying their house.

Episode 24: Tooth Or Consequences
Darlene is faced with a huge predicament; her boyfriend or school in Chicago. Meanwhile, Dan accidentally leaves Roseanne toothless before an important meeting with a health inspector.

Episode 25: Daughters And Other Strangers
Roseanne and Dan decide on letting Darlene go to school in Chicago but what about David? Also, DJ becomes a man after a birthday party.

My Comments:

The show continued its amazing run and its refusal to accept the conservative notions of other shows. Gay characters? Check. Teenage marriage? Check. Parental abuse? Check. And it did it all with both an amazing sense of humor and honesty.

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Not Rated (MPAA)
4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Sixth Season - 1993-1994 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1993-1994
Year of DVD Release: 2006
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 575 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"THE #1 TV SHOW OF THE '90s!"

Welcome to one of the best-loved - and most daring - season in ROSEANNE history. It was the year in which Roseanne finds a surprising stash, Dan (John Goodman) reconnects with an old flame, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) becomes pregnant, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) leaves for college, Becky (Sarah Chalke) returns home and DJ (Michael Fishman) sneaks off to church. There's the series' shocking lesbian kiss, a Halloween to remember, a Thanksgiving the Conners wish they could forget, the fan favorite "White Trash Christmas", and much more in these 25 classic and uncut episodes nominated for 5 Emmy Awards.

Glenn Quinn, Johnny Galecki, Michael O'Keefe, Estelle Parsons, Sandra Bernhard and Martin Mull co-star in this top-rated season featuring performances by Mariel Hemingway, Vicki Lawrence, Shelley Winters, Ned Beatty, Florence Henderson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ahmet Zappa and even Fabio!


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Two Down, One To Go
Roseanne is forced to say goodbye to another daughter going away to college. David is in hope that Darlene will stay, so he decides to propose to her.

Episode 2: The Mommy's Curse
Jackie is convinced by Dan that she should date a guy from his work but only if Roseanne fires Bev. Roseanne later finds out that Bev is out for vengeance.

Episode 3: Party Politics
Roseanne finds out that Darlene and DJ are up to no good. In addition, Fred is attempting to get back with Jackie.

Episode 4: A Stash From The Past
Roseanne and Dan begin reminiscing about their teenager days after finding a stash of marijuana at the house.

Episode 5: Be My Baby
Roseanne wants to have another baby, but is soon to find out that Jackie is on the way to having one herself. So Roseanne pushes her wants to the side to help Jackie.

Episode 6: Halloween V
While Roseanne is persuading Dan to pull a prank on Nancy, Darlene and David have a Halloween prank up their sleeve to scare Roseanne.

Episode 7: Homeward Bound
Darlene makes a surprise visit home from school, while DJ goes through a puberty surprise. Also, David secretly moves in with Darlene.

Episode 8: Guilt By Imagination
Dan goes on a lunch date with an old girlfriend, where sparks fly; as Roseanne daydreams about model Fabio.

Episode 9: Homecoming
Sarah takes the place as Becky at the Conners' residence, while Becky takes marital advice from Roseanne.

Episode 10: Thanksgiving '93
During family dinner a fight arises and a secret is revealed, which leaves everyone full of emotion.

Episode 11: The Driver's Seat
Roseanne has a lot on her plate, dealing with DJ stealing the family car at home and Leon trying to take control at work.

Episode 12: White Trash Christmas
The neighborhood association comes up with a law on home much you can decorate your house for the holiday. So Dan and Roseanne go all out nasty for Christmas.

Episode 13: Suck Up Or Shut Up
DJ is going through problems at school because Roseanne joins a women's group to increase the traffic at the diner.

Episode 14: Busted
While Becky and Mark are having problems, Roseanne learns that David moved in with Darlene at school.

Episode 15: David Vs. Goliath
Dan also learns about Darlene and David living together and is storming. As if there couldn't be anymore problems between Darlene and David, David misunderstands Darlene's affection as flirting.

Episode 16: Everyone Comes To Jackie's
Darlene has to move back home after her parents finds out her secret, and David thinks that he is movign back in too, but Dan disagrees.

Episode 17: Don't Make Room For Daddy
Dan gives Fred advice, which leads him to suing pregnant Jackie for custody.

Episode 18: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Roseanne goes out with Jackie to a gay bar and Roseanne finds that she has an admirer.

Episode 19: Labor Day
Roseanne doesn't include Fred in the happiness of Jackie's newborn baby.

Episode 20: Past Imperfect
Roseanne and Dan are finding different ways to cover up Dan's father's missing alimony payment.

Episode 21: Lies My Father Told Me
Roseanne is trying to convince Dan that the lies Dan's father told him about his mother's mental state were only white lies.

Episode 22: I Pray The Lord My Stove To Keep
DJ shocks Roseanne with some serious ethical quesions while he discovers his new religious side.

Episode 23: Body By Jake
Bev moves in with the Conners after they find out shocking news on how she "really" broke her hip.

Episode 24: Isn't It Romantic
Romances is in the air at the Conners' house. Roseanne and Dan are renewing their love for each other, while Fred is trying to figure out how to propose to Jackie.

Episode 25: Altar Egos
Jackie and Fred are both having hot and cold feet about walking down the aisle together.

My Comments:

So, at some point this season, Lecy Goranson (Becky) left the show and was replaced by Sarah Chalke. Then, in season 8, Goranson returned, but was only in some of that season's episodes, while Chalke was in the rest. Then Goranson left again at the end of that season and Chalke continued her role as Becky until the show's finale in season 9. Confused? Yeah, me too.

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4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Seventh Season - 1994-1995 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1994-1995
Year of DVD Release: 2007
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 598 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:


Perhaps more than any other time in its remarkable history, this is the season in which ROSEANNE pushed the sitcom envelope like never before. It was the unforgettable year that began with Roseanne's unexpected pregnancy and went on to tackle such issues as abortion, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual dysfunction and racial prejudice. There's also erotic dreams, nude neighbors, scandalous secrets, both Beckys, a gay Halloween, a turkey of a Thanksgiving, the Sitcom Moms' Welcome Wagon, and the Conner's all-time classic visit to Gilligan's Island.

Relive all 25 uncut episodes from this landmark season that was nominated for four Emmy Awards and featured such guest stars as Sharon Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Shelley Winters, Estelle Parsons, Danny Masterson, Traci Lords, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Martin Mull, Sandra Bernhard, Michael O'Keefe and many more.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Nine Is Enough
Roseanne's unexpected pregnancy threatens to put a strain on an already crowded living situation.

Episode 2: Two For One
On top of Dan and Roseanne's pregnancy jitters, Darlene is having an affair.

Episode 3: Snoop Davey Dave
Darlene's recent break up and drug use are the source of turmoil in the Conner house.

Episode 4: Girl Talk
Roseanne attempts to give Mark and Becky sex advice to save their relationship.

Episode 5: Sleeper
David's fantasies about one of the Conner women creates a great discussion.

Episode 6: Skeleton In The Closet
An innocent prank at Halloween brings some things to light about Fred and everyone's past.

Episode 7: Follow The Son
Concerns are raised when Roseanne has trouble with the fact that D.J. is growing up, and David is upset that Darlene is moving out.

Episode 8: Punch And Jimmy
Dan tries to protect DJ from the town bully, while Roseanne and Jackie pay a visit to Darlene's new boyfriend.

Episode 9: White Men Can't Kiss
When D.J. won't kiss a black girl in the school play, Dan tries to figure out where his son's racist attitude is coming from.

Episode 10: Thanksgiving 1994
It's a typical Conner Thanksgiving with football, feasting, flaring tempers, a surprise guest, and unexpected complications.

Episode 11: Maybe Baby
Waiting for prenatal results leaves Dan and Roseanne in a panic.

Episode 12: The Parenting Trap
D.J.'s fallen behind the learning curve at school and may require "special" classes.

Episode 13: Rear Window
A geriatric couple with a penchant for nudity has moved in next door.

Episode 14: My Name Is Bev
Bev's thrown in jail for drinking and driving, and it's up to Roseanne and Jackie to bail her out.

Episode 15: Bed And Bored
Feigning illness for preferential treatment, Roseanne claims the doctor has ordered a week of bed rest.

Episode 16: Sisters
Fred's unhappy that D.J.'s spending all his free time at Aunt Jackie's house.

Episode 17: Lost Youth
Jackie is restless and complains to Fred that their sex life is predictable.

Episode 18: Single Married Female
After discovering Jackie cavorting with another man, Dan makes the difficult decision to tell Fred.

Episode 19: The Clip Show: All About Rosey One-Hour Special
In this unusual episode, we blast to the past and flash to the future to learn "all about Rosey." A pre-adolescent Roseanne and Jackie glimpse future events through a fortune teller's crystal ball.

Episode 20: Husbands And Wives
Roseanne attempts to get Jackie and Fred back together.

Episode 21: Happy Trailers
Roseanne and Dan secretly attempt to financially help Becky and Mark after they move into a shabby trailer.

Episode 22: The Blaming Of The Shrew
Dan disapproves of D.J.'s first date, a domineering young girl he's escorting to the school dance.

Episode 23: The Birds And The Frozen Bees
When D.J. reveals that he can bring frozen bees back to life, Jackie decides to conduct a few experiments of her own, and Darlene realizes she still wants David.

Episode 24: Couch Potatoes
It's the final months of Roseanne's pregnancy and she's on a home improvement rampage.

Episode 25: Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute
Dan's dream of building a boat leads to an episode full of fantasy and fun - Gilligan's island style.

My Comments:

Another amazing season.

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Not Rated (MPAA)
4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Eighth Season - 1995-1996 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1995-1996
Year of DVD Release: 2007
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 575 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:


Re-live the classic season that featured Roseanne's baby shower, DJ's Thanksgiving pageant, Jackie's internet addiction, two different Beckys, the arrival of Jerry Garcia Conner, Darlene's wedding and Dan's heart attack. It was the award-winning year of loose meat sandwiches, old love letters, ballroom dance lessons, crashing a Bar Mitzvah, the '50s sitcom tribute, Ouija board horrors, gay nuptials, supermarket samples, the trip to Disney World and much, much more. These 25 complete episodes include such guest stars as Ed McMahon, Pat Harrington Jr, Jenna Elfman, Shecky Greene, Norm Crosby, Mariel Hemingway, June Lockhart, Fred Willard, the cast of Stomp, Shelley Winters, Eric Dane, and Tony Curtis.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Shower The People You Love With Stuff
As the baby's birth approaches, the Conner family makes plans for the new arrival.

Episode 2: Let Them Eat Junk
An Oreo cookie leads Roseanne and Jackie into a major arguement over parenting issues.

Episode 3: Roseanne In The Hood
A new restaurant opens up across the street from The Lunch Box and, while Jackie is worried sick, Roseanne seems unconcerned - that is until she learns they have a luncheon special that's a direct rip-off of her loose meat sandwich.

Episode 4: The Last Date
Dreading the prospect of "baby jail," Roseanne insists Dan go out with her for one last Saturday night "date" before their baby arrives.

Episode 5: Halloween - The Final Chapter
The Ouija board makes this Halloween the weirdest and the happiest one of all.

Episode 6: The Fifties Show
Roseanne talls the audience they are about to see the original pilot for the "Roseanne" show.

Episode 7: The Getaway, Almost
While Jackie, Roseanne and baby Jerry head out for the outlet mall, Dan seizes a rare opportunity to have the house to himself.

Episode 8: The Last Thursday In November
The Conner family shows up to watch D.J. perform in his school's Thanksgiving pageant and are bored - until the pilgrims pull out weapons and gun down the indians "Pulp Fiction" style.

Episode 9: Of Mice And Dan
Dan questions the meaning of his life when the band he used to sing with returns to town, and sends him tickets to a performance.

Episode 10: Direct To Video
Feeling it's important for the baby to know what the family was like when he was born; Roseanne makes a video to give to him on his 18th birthday.

Episode 11: December Bride
A cast full of special guests appear for the campiest, wackiest wedding of the century!

Episode 12: The Thrilla Near The Vanilla Extract
Jackie discovers her hidden talent as a salesperson when she and Roseanne take jobs at a grocery store handing out samples.

Episode 13: The White Sheep Of The Family
Bequeathed several hundred dollars from her Aunt Harriet, Roseanne takes the whole Conner clan for a very fancy dinner.

Episode 14: Becky Howser, M.D.
Knowing that Becky is feeling a little depressed about Darlene's big job offer, Mark invites the Conners over for a surprise get-together to cheer her up, which only makes things worse.

Episode 15: Out Of The Past
One of Dan's poker parties turns into a heated debate about race and sexual orientation.

Episode 16: Construction Junction
Dan is torn between the security of his job, and the possibility of making big bucks as part of his friends' construction crew at the new prison being built just outside of town.

Episode 17: We're Going To Disney World, Part 1
Leaving the garage, Dan gets a pension check and decides to take the Conner family on a big vacation.

Episode 18: Disney World War II, Part 2
The Conner family makes the most out of the four whole days in Disney World.

Episode 19: Springtime For David
Although he hasn't any skills or experience, David is determined to find a job and move out of the Conners' home.

Episode 20: Another Mouth To Shut Up
Now that David has a job in Chicago, he and Darlene discuss living together. Then, Darlene suggest maybe they should get married... since she's pregnant!

Episode 21: Morning Becomes Obnoxious
During a man-on-the-street interview on "Wake Up, Chicago," Roseanne speaks her mind.

Episode 22: Ballroom Blitz
With Jackie officially divorced she is ready to mingle. Meanwhile, Roseanne seizes the opportunity to get huge amounts of free food and merchandise.

Episode 23: The Wedding
It's Darlene and David's wedding day and, in true Conner style, nothing's usual!

Episode 24: Heart And Soul
Dan suffered a heart attack at the beginning of Darlene and David's wedding reception.

Episode 25: Fights And Stuff
Dream ensues when Dan decides to go on a diet and become healthy.

My Comments:

As they headed into the home-stretch of the series, the writers continued to keep their eyes on the essence of the show. No apologies, nothing politically correct. Just great T.V.

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Not Rated (MPAA)
4 Stars
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Roseanne: The Complete Ninth Season - 1996-1997 (Not Rated)


Year(s) Aired: 1996-1997
Year of DVD Release: 2007
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 552 minutes
Format(s): DVD (4 discs)
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:



Eight top-rated season, over 40 major awards and more than 200 classic episodes have all led here. In this infamous final season, The Conners win the lottery, Roseanne battles terrorists, Dan ponders the meaning of life, Jackie meets her prince, DJ finds love and Darlene gives birth. For millions of ROSEANNE fans, it was the unforgettable year of secrets, surprises, new romance and bittersweet memories in which we said goodbye to one of the greatst comedies in television history.

This final collection features all 24 complete episodes - including the historic two-part series finale - with such guest stars as Ed Asner, Robin Leach, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Springer, Jim Varney, Tammy Faye Baker, Todd Oldham, Dina Merrill, Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saunders, Steven Seagal, Arianna Huffington, Marlo Thomas, Shelley Winters, Estelle Parsons, Anthony Robbins, James Brolin, Debbie Reynolds and more.


Episode Summary:

Episode 1: Call Waiting
After coming to his senses, Dan attempts and fails to reconcile with Roseanne.

Episode 2: Millions From Heaven
Jackie rushes over to the Conners' to let them know that they've just won the lottery prize of $108 million.

Episode 3: What A Day For A Daydream
Everyone wants a piece of the Conner family since they've won the lottery - the mayor has even called Roseanne and asked her to ride on a float in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Episode 4: Honor Thy Mother
With winning the lottery, Dan begins to feel guilty for not helping his sick mother.

Episode 5: Someday My Prince Will Come
Prince Carlos of Moldavia sees Kathleen Sullivan's interview of the Conner family and decides that he must meet Jackie.

Episode 6: Pampered To A Pulp
Roseanne and Jackie check in to an exclusive beauty spa and recieve a less than optimistic evaluation.

Episode 7: Satan, Darling
After a few drinks, Roseanne dreams that Darlene is the daughter of Satan.

Episode 8: Hoi Polloi Meets Hoity Toity
Astrid Wentworth (who Roseanne and Jackie met at a party) takes Roseanne's clan home to meet her family.

Episode 9: Roseambo
The Conners go to Washington to visit Dr. Bakshi, whom they met when visiting the Wentworths.

Episode 10: Home Is Where The Afghan Is
Catering Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, Roseanne realizes that there are people who are less fortunate.

Episode 11: Mothers And Other Strangers
Roseanne still misses Dan, and Bev learns to lighten up after a heart to heart with Nana Mary.

Episode 12: Home For The Holidays
Dan is finally home from his trip to California, and is amazed at the changes in the Conner family lifestyle that have taken place in his absence.

Episode 13: Say It Ain't So
Dan's affair with his mother's nurse is brought to light, just as Jackie finds out her prince has married someone else.

Episode 14: Hit The Road, Jack
With their marriage on rocks, Dan makes an attempt to talk things out with Roseanne before heading back to California.

Episode 15: The War Room
An intervention by Jackie and friends helps a deeply depressed Roseanne get back to business.

Episode 16: Lanford's Elite
While at an exclusive Luncheon, Roseanne runs into Edgar Wellman Jr., the disinherited son of a plastics tycoon who ran a factory where both Roseanne and Jackie once worked.

Episode 17: Some Enchanted Merger
Roseanne has spent so much time with Edgar Wellman, Jackie accuses her of having a crush on him.

Episode 18: A Second Chance
Dan comes home and attempts to get his wife back.

Episode 19: The Miracle
Darlene goes into labor early, and the Conner family does all they can to support her.

Episode 20: Roseanne-Feld
D.J. contemplates taking his relationship with Heather to the next step, while Jackie ends up getting herself in the ring at Lanford Armory women's wrestling matches.

Episode 21: The Truth Be Told
Roseanne and Jackie are disturbed about the feeding frenzy among the media since the Conners won the lottery.

Episode 22: Arsenic And Old Mom
Audrey, Dan's mother, has been released from the mental hospital and has a bone to pick with her son.

Episode 23: Into That Good Night, Part 1
Darlene, David and their new daughter come to live with Roseanne and Dan.

Episode 24: Into That Good Night, Part 2
The family talks about their life after winning the lottery and make plans for their promising futures.

My Comments:

The believability of the show was tossed aside in this, the final season, when the Conners win the lottery. Though it was still a good show, it lost some of it's magic. However, that magic was regained in the last scenes of the show's finale.

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4 Stars
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