A Rat's Tale - 1997 (G)


Year of Release: 1997
Rated: G
Director: Michael F. Huse
Approx. Running Time: 90 minutes
Format(s): VHS
My Rating: 1 star (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

Three Magic Shells.
Two Furry Friends
One Incredible Adventure

The timeless art of marionettes is reborn in this delightful fable set beneath the streets of New York City. Suspended from strings, each adorable character is brought to life through the magical work of off-screen puppeteers. Children enter an enchanting world filled with cute and cuddly new friends like Monty - an adventurous, warm-hearted rat who's just fallen head over paws in love with a refined, uptown rodent named Isabella.

Winning the approval of Isabella's snooty parents, however, is the least of their troubles. A greedy human real estate developer threatens the entire rodent population. To foil his evil plan, Monty and Isabella must place their faith in three magic shells, a wise alligator and each other. This movie, based on the award-winning book "A Rat's Tale." (Library of Congress Children's Book of the Year) will delight young children while teaching them valuable life lessons.

My Comments:

I want to make something clear: I DID NOT BUY THIS MOVIE. This was given to me as a gift from a former co-worker.

I realize that it is intended for children, but I can't imagine what sort of child would actually be entertained by this. It's boring. It's stupid. The rat marionettes don't look like rats, they look like demented teddy bears. It's horrible. Don't bother.

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1 Star
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