Overboard - 1987 (PG)


Year of Release: 1987
Rated: PG
Director(s): Garry Marshall
Approx. Running Time: 112 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 3 Stars (Out Of 5)


From Back Cover:

"Overboard offers something for everyone!"
-Janet Maslin, The New York Times

It's the craziest mix-up ever!
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell dazzle the screen in this buoyant and screwball comedy of memory-making and memory-faking. One of Hollywood's most dynamic screen pairs, Hawn and Russell make the most of every hilarious situation in this delightful riches to rags romance that's perfect entertainment for anyone who appreciates a good practical joke.

Hawn is Joanna Stayton, the pampered wife of a pretentious, yacht-owning socialite. When their boat gets stuck for repairs, Joanna employs carpenter Dean Proffitt (Russell) to improve her closet space. But when Dean asks to be paid, he's blatantly turned down by the 'nothing is ever good enough for me' Joanna. So when Joanna falls overboard and gets a bad case of amnesia, Dean takes advantage of the situation and, in a stroke of retributive genius, tells her that she's his wife and the mother of his four unruly children!

My Comments:

A fun little movie that is a little light on the romance and heavy on the laughs.

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Rated PG (MPAA)
3 Stars
1987 (Year Of Release)
Romance/Romantic Comedy
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