Mouse Hunt - 1998 (PG)


Year of Release: 1998
Rated: PG
Director(s): Gore Verbinski
Approx. Running Time: 98 minutes
Format(s): VHS
My Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

" Inspired and irresistible..."
-Jim Svejda, KNX/CBS Radio

You'll delight in this hit comedy that critics call "a roaring good time for kids and adults." Down-on-their-luck brothers Lars and Ernie Smuntz (Nathan Lane and Lee Evans) don't think much of the crumbling old mansion they inherit...until they discover their dilapidated estate is actually worth millions. But before they can cash in, they've got to rid the house of its single, stubborn occupant: a tiny and tenacious mouse. What might seem like child's play becomes an epic battle of hysterical proportions.

My Comments:

I wanted to like this movie, I really did. I mean, it's got Christopher Walken in it and it's about a mouse (and anybody who knows me knows that I have a thing for rodents) but I just couldn't get into it.

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Rated PG (MPAA)
2 Stars
1998 (Year Of Release)
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