Mercer Mayer's Herbert the Timid Dragon, Just for You & How the Trollusk Got His Hat - 1985 (Not Rated )

Year of Release: 1985
Rated: Not Rated
Animation Studio: Golden Book Video
Approx. Running Time: 30 minutes
Format(s): VHS
My Rating: 2 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

Herbert the Timid Dragon
Helmets, swords and a Princess in distress thrill Herbert's imagination. But how can a dragon who fears his own shadow become a knight in shining armor? Through a series of fortunate misadventures, that's how!

Just for You
Little Critter really loves his mom. He'd like to show her, too! But somehow his plans never turn out quite as he had hoped. A lively and loving tale.

How the Trollusk Got His Hat
What do a Reggie, a race, a Stamp-Collecting Trollusk and two hats have in common? Find out in this unusual saga of honesty and friendship.

My Comments:

If, like me, you grew up loving Mercer Mayer's children's stories, you may like this - but I should point out that this isn't really animation in its truest form. The film is essentially nothing but a succession of illustrations from the original storybooks with voices added; the characters don't really move much.

Also, this tape is really, really old. Like 20 years old. The tracking sucks and the tape makes funny noises when you play it. So view this at your own risk (and the risk of your VCR).

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2 Stars
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