The Kingston Trio And Friends Reunion - 1981 (Not Rated)


Year of Release: 1981
Rated: Not Rated
Approx. Running Time: 90 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 3 stars (Out of 5)

"You Can't Go Back To Kansas"

From Back Cover:

Together on stage for the first time since 1961, the original members of the Kingston Trio (Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane, and Dave Guard) perform a thrilling concert of their greatest hits.

Joining the renowned folk group are Tommy Smothers, Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, John Stewart, and recent Trio members George Grove and Roger Gambill.

Since their debut in 1958 with gold record song Tom Dooley, the Kingston Trio has had a powerful musical influence on such artists as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and dozens of folk groups of the late 1950's and 1960's.

This historic reunion concert, filled with the unique and vibrant sound that millions of Kingston Trio fans have loved for over a generation, preserves the tremendous legacy of this group that has become an American musical legend.

Song List:

"Three Jolly Coachmen"
"Early Morning Rain"
"Scotch and Soda"
"Hard, Ain't It Hard"
"Zombie Jamboree"
"Tom Dooley"
Medley - "Blowin' In The Wind/Lonesome Traveler/Hangman"
"Down Among The Sheltering Palms"
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone"
"Leavin' On A Jet Plane"
"Reuben James"
"Chilly Winds"
"Greenback Dollar"
"You Can't Go Back To Kansas"
"Spinnin' Of The World"
"Hard Travelin'"
"Sloop John B"
"A Worried Man"

My Comments:

A really great performance featuring three incarnations of the band:

1. Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and Dave Guard
2. Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and John Stewart
3. Bob Shane, George Grove and Roger Gambill

It also features a wonderful performance by Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, looking adorable in his big hair and striped shirt. Still, it's rather bittersweet watching this video now, with the passing of Dave Guard in March of 1991, John Stewart in January of 2008, and Nick Reynolds on October 1, 2008.

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3 Stars
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