Kalifornia - 1993 (Unrated)


Year of Release: 1993
Rated: Contains both R-rated and Unrated versions
Director: Dominic Sena
Approx. Running Time: 117 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"Two thumbs up!
Terrifying, horrifying [and] unflinchingly honest."

-"Siskel & Ebert"

Excitement, adventure... and unimaginable terror await on the road to Kalifornia. "Brad Pitt is outstanding" (Rolling Stone), and "Juliette Lewis is utterly, heartbreakingly convincing" (Boxoffice) in this chilling psychological thriller co-starring David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes.

When urban intellectuals Brian (Duchovny) and Carrie (Forbes) set out on a cross-country trip to research a book about serial killers, they share the ride with a couple they barely know - Early Grayce (Pitt) and his girlfriend Adele (Lewis). Locked in a car hurtling westward, the four travelers struggle to find some common ground. But when they finally do connect, Early's violent nature abruptly emerges, and the terrified Brian and Carrie realize that they don't need to go very far to learn about ruthless killers... because they're already face to face with one!

My Comments:

Brad Pitt oozes charisma in a role that might as well have been tailor-made for him: Early Grace, a psychopathic serial killer who is much more cunning than his Okie-fied exterior would have anyone believe. You can tell that he was having a whole lot of fun with this role and it makes for a very entertaining watch.

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4 Stars
1993 (Year Of Release)
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