High Fidelity - 2000 (R)


Year of Release: 2000
Rated: R
Director: Stephen Frears
Approx. Running Time: 114 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 2 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

From the guys who brought you Grosse Point Blank comes the absolutely hilarious High Fidelity. John Cusack (Being John Malkovich) stars as Rob Gordon, the owner of a semi-failing record store located on one of the back streets of Chicago. He sells music the old-fashioned way, on vinyl, with his two wacky clerks - the hysterically funny rock snob Barry (Jack Black) and the more quietly opinionated underachiever Dick (Todd Louiso). But Rob's business isn't the only thing in his life that's floundering - his needle skips the love groove when his longtime girlfriend Laura (newcomer Iben Hjejle) walks out on him. And this forces him to examine his past failed attempts at romance the only way he knows how! For a rocking fun time, give High Fidelity a spin. It's sure to make your all-time top-five list for comedies - with a bullet!

My Comments:

I've only watched this film once and, to be honest, the only thing I remember about it is that I didn't particularly like it. But this is another instance in which I've bought a movie because of John Cusack and wound up disappointed. Even the presence of his sister, Joan (who I also love), couldn't save it

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Rated R (MPAA)
2 Stars
2000 (Year Of Release)
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