(The Emporer's New Groove 2) Kronk's New Groove - 2005 (G)

Featuring The Voices Of:

Year of Release: 2005
Rated: G
Director(s): Saul Andrew Blinkoff, Elliot M. Bour and Robin Steele
Animation Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Approx. Running Time: 75 minutes
Format(s): Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack
My Rating: 2 stars (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

The Entire Emperor's New Groove Voice Cast Returns!
David Spade as Emperor Kuzco
Patrick Warburton as Kronk
John Goodman as Pacha
Eartha Kitt as Yzma. Introducing
Tracey Ullman as Ms. Birdwell

Get back in the groove with Disney's hilarious all-new movie. After his wild adventures with Pacha and Emperor Kuzco, lovable lug Kronk, Yzma's former henchman, has happily started a new life as the head chef of his very own diner. An all-new, wacky adventure begins, however, when a llama-gram arrives telling him that his father is due for a visit.

Before you can say "squeaker, squeak," Kronk is cooking up trouble with the sly enchantress, Yzma, trying to make himself look like a success in time for Papi's arrival. After a bunch of big blunders and a massive cheese explosion in the restaurant, Kronk finds himself covered in a heap of trouble. It is only with thelp of friends both old and new that Kronk learns to be true to his groove.

My Comments:

Despite being a straight-to-DVD sequel, I really had high hopes for this one. Not only does it feature the original voice cast, but it focuses on the character "Kronk," the show-stealer of the first film.

However, the magic of The Emporer's New Groove was somehow lost from original to sequel. It's not a bad movie, but it's not a good movie, either. I suppose if you're really in the mood to watch an animated flick and have already exhausted the other possibilities, you might give this one a try.

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Rated G (MPAA)
2 Stars
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