Encino Man - 1992 (PG)


Year of Release: 1992
Rated: PG
Director: Les Mayfield
Approx. Running Time: 88 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5)


From Back Cover:

"A Lot Of Fun!"

Starring outrageously hip Pauly Shore, Encino Man unearths the biggest laughs in 2 million years! The fun kicks off when two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard! Once the living fossil thaws out, the friends figure he's their ticket to being cool.

But the plan backfires when the newcomer turns everday life upside down, generating pre-hysterical craziness wherever he roams!

Co-starring Sean Astin (Bulworth) and Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) - you'll definitely dig Encino Man - the totally irreverent, totally awesome comedy that shows just how hilariously out-of-control things evolve once the stone age meets the rock age head-on!

My Comments:

Although often looked down upon, I find this to be a very funny and actually rather touching film. The concept is a little ridiculous and many scenes are pretty corny, I won't deny that, but the cast - especially Brendan Fraser - bring a lot of emotion and sensitivity to their roles. Fraser's "Link" is all child-like innocence and purity as he tries to adapt to the modern world, but is also fiercely protective and loyal to his new found "family."

Also, Brendan Fraser looks pretty hot in a loin cloth.

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Rated PG (MPAA)
4 Stars
1992 (Year of Release)
Science Fiction/Fantasy
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