Dead-Bang - 1989 (R)


Year of Release: 1989
Rated: R
Director: John Frankenheimer
Approx. Running Time: 103 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: Not Yet Viewed

From Back Cover:

"Hard-driving entertainment."

You know the man at a glance. And he still carries a badge. Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges) now prowls L.A.'s mean streets as Det. Jerry Beck in Dead-Bang, an explosive thriller drawn from Beck's true-life exploits and directed by John Frankenheimer (Ronin, George Wallace).

Beck's life is on the skids. The one thing he has going for him is police work. His street smarts and instinct for trouble have catapulted him onto the trail of a gang of murderous white supremacists - and into a bullet-frenzied firestorm in their subterranean Colorado headquarters. It's a ride without handrails, seat belts or brakes, a headlong plunge into the heroics of a law enforcer pushed to the max.

My Comments:

I pulled this one out of the $5.50 bin at WalMart several years ago, but have not yet watched it.

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