The Beach - 2000 (R)


Year of Release: 2000
Rated: R
Director: Danny Boyle
Approx. Running Time: 119 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)


From Back Cover:

"absorbing. addictive.
edgy, hypnotic entertainment."


"Leonardo DiCaprio is electrifying" (David Sheehan, CBS-TV) in this adrenaline-drenched, tantalizingly seductive thriller from the director of Trainspotting. Richard (DiCaprio), a young American backpacker, is willing to risk his life for just one thing: that mind-blowing rush you can only get from braving the ultimate adventure. But on a secret, deceptively perfect beach, Richard will discover that "heaven on earth" can instantly change into a jungle of seduction and danger.

Co-starring sexy newcomer Virginie Ledoyen, this "journey to the unexpected, full of surprises, twists and turns, love and romance, lust and desire" (Maria Salla, GEMS) explores the hidden perils and dark places that lurk just beyond the shores of paradise...

"an intense movie-going experience."
-Ted Goldenberg, WSVN-TV

My Comments:

This turned out to be a really fascinating and engaging movie about people's desire to escape the mundane and the lengths they are willing to go to to achieve that escape. Well acted by all involved and full of breathtaking visuals, this movie is itself a great form of escapism and a very entertaining watch.

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Rated R (MPAA)
4 Stars
2000 (Year of Release)
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