The Advocate - 1993 (R)


Year of Release: 1993
Rated: R
Director(s): Leslie Megahey
Approx. Running Time: 102 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 1 Star (Out of 5)

From Back Cover:

"Marvelous... An Excellent Film!"
-Los Angeles Daily News

Screen favorites Colin Firth (What A Girl Wants, Bridget Jones's Diary) and Ian Holm (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, From Hell) star in The Advocate - one of Hollywood's most controversial films in years and described by many as provocative, sexy and fascinating. A courtroom thriller with a passionate edge, it's the story of a dynamic young lawyer (Firth) whose quest for the simple life leads him to a law postition in a small rural town. What he finds instead is a disturbing case of murder, seduction and corruption - a case that reveals the mystery beneath the village's quiet facade. Yet, as he searches for answers, he finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and betrayal. Don't miss this sexy thriller - a dark story about the many sides of truth, and passion's deadly price.

-The Washington Post

My Comments:

Crap. Crappy cinematography. Crappy story-line. Crappy acting. Don't bother.

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