Bee Movie - 2007 (PG)

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Year of Release: 2007
Rated: PG
Director(s): Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith
Animation Studio: DreamWorks
Approx. Running Time: 90 minutes
Format(s): DVD
My Rating: 2 stars (Out of 5)


From Back Cover:

-Jeffrey Lyons, NBC/REEL TALK

Everyone is buzzing for BEE MOVIE, the hit comedy from creator and comic icon Jerry Seinfeld. Ambitious young worker bee Barry B. Benson soars out into the world with the high-flying pollen jocks in search of nectar and adventure. But when he breaks one ofthe cardinal rules of beedom and speaks to humans, Barry sets off an un-bee-lievable chain of events that proves even a little bee can make a big difference!

My Comments:

Although I've always considered Pixar to be the ultimate in CG Animation, DreamWorks had never let me down and was - to my mind - a close second to Pixar. That is, until I saw this movie.

What a disappointment. The story was stupid and the characters were unappealing. Who the hell wants to watch a movie about a bee who sues the honey industry???

Don't get me wrong, this movie wasn't terrible, it just wasn't good. And I still like DreamWorks (they did, afterall, gives us Shrek, Over The Hedge and Madagascar), but in the future I'll have to be more selective about which of their films I watch.

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2 Stars
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