Top Ten - A True Life Rock and Roll Adventure

     The following selections are from Top Ten - A True Life Rock and Roll Adventure by Walter Lindsay Egan. This "thinly veiled autobiography" chronicles Walter's (read "Dub's") life and adventures up until shortly after the release of Not Shy- the hit album that spawned the Top Ten single "Magnet and Steel."

      This work has not been officially published and has been posted here with the permission of its author and copyright holder, Walter Egan. Please refrain from copying or reproducing its contents - in whole or in part - in any manner without the express permission of the author.

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              PREFACE – The Countdown Survey
                         Read the preface

              TEN – The All Night Satellite

              NINE – Twin Cousins

              EIGHT – Snowing All The Cheese With My Fender Guitar

              SEVEN – The Spark in the Dark (Forever Yours in 4/4 Time)

              SIX – Hot Summer Nights

              FIVE – Dress Rehearsal For The End Of The World

              FOUR – A Dilemma of Sageworth and Drums

              THREE – Goin’ To Malibu

              TWO – The Fundamental Roll

              ONE – Top Ten

              P.S. – Post Card From California

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