Ashley & Justin

You may kiss the bride!!

The Whole Family
(Little one in front is Grooms half-brother)
(L to R: Brides sister, brides mom, BRIDE, brides dad in back with cap, GROOM, grooms dad in back with cowboy hat, THE PROUD MOM, my mom, and my daughter)

Joe, Ashley, Justin, Paula

Lachelle, Ashley, Justin, ME, Louis (my brother) Mary (my mom)

Mary, Ashley, Justin, Paula

Not old enough for champagne so they had "sparkling grape juice" (plus the reception was in the conference room of my mom's office in the Courthouse and she works in Juvenile Court!!)

Mom has to get all those "special" pics you know!

I missed the really good one, but I think my mom got it. When Ashley pushed the cake up Justin's nose!