On this page you can put any info you would like.  A simple "about me" and a photo; or perhaps the most recent news you would like to share (first cut, new cut, first #1, new album, whatever).  This will be the first thing people see on your website when they visit, so try to make it memorable. 

The most important thing about the website is that it needs to be easy to navigate and easy to read.  While patterned backgrounds are "pretty", they are also very difficult to read text over.  The two styles I use the most are the standard black background with white text (like this one) and I also use gold text a lot on the black background.  The standard white (or eggshell) background with black text is also very easy to read.   

You can visit two of my other websites here:

Birmingham NSAI

I also redesigned a website
 from this ...... to this

Designing logos is not part of this package, though if you already have one it can certainly be used on this page, or on your "index" page (like the one you see here before you enter the site).