Wayland giving us lots of information and inspiration.

Those of us in the afternoon meeting.
(L to R: Back Row) songwriterdw, telebob, Wayland, ccrock, d_swinford, moparmutt, twoshadesofblue, gibson.
(L to R: Kneeling) JJ, Linda, nave, PaulaW

Bob and Billy (a friend of Waylands)

Wayland and David 'nave'

Jason (JJ) and Chris (ccrock)

Connie and Chris (mr and mrs ccrock)

Dennis (gibson) and Dave (d_swinford)

C. J. Hughes (cjhughes)

Jack (moparmutt)
This is about all of the good digital pics I got. I got a few good film ones from the Bluebird. Hopefully I will have them added to my site over the weekend.