Link for message board:

 To use the message board you will first need to register.  Please make sure you use a valid current email address because you will need to respond to a verification email before your registration is approved. (If you’d like to speed the process, when you register you can send me an email letting me know you’ve registered and what your username is. This will eliminate the need for a verification email.)   Once your registration has been approved you will receive an automated email from the message board server with an activation code.  (Be sure to check your spam email folder, especially if you use aol.)  

If you have any problems with registration, email me.

The message board also has a 'private message' feature so that you can communicate with another member one-on-one, without sharing email addresses if you wish. 

I've also recently added a chat room to the message board.   Just login to the message board and across the top are several options (home, help, search etc) and the last option is "chat".  Just click there and it will take you to the chat room.  If the chatroom doesnt load for you, you may need to install java.  Go to and use the free download.  It takes less than five minutes. 

We can schedule regular weekly chat times if anyone is interested, or you  may use the chat room at any time to co-write with someone.  (The chatroom is not private.  Any board member can enter the room at any time.  This is the 'free' version of the chatware and I dont think the 'premium' features are worth $80/yr!)