This is a re-write of a previous title "You Gave Me". It was the opinion of the majority that the lines in the verses of "You Gave Me" were too long. So I trimmed them here; and made a few other minor changes ... changed the bridge in the original to be the chorus in this one, re-emphasizing the "next time" list; and made the used the previous chorus for the bridge in this one but with the change of a couple of words, gave it a totally opposite meaning. Also added a tag.

I cant give up on the original version though, which you can read by clicking HERE.

© Paula Wheeler -Jan 2005

Building dreams in the sand out on Folly Beach
Walking hand and hand down cobblestone streets
Riding the ferry out to the old fort
You showed me things I'd never seen before.
We never made it up to that café on the roof
We put it on our "next time" list of things to do.

And every now and then
I cant help myself
I pull those mem'ries down
From the corner shelf.
And I can still taste your kiss
As I read our "next time" list.

Exploring the charm of the old country store
All night in your arms, dancin' at the local bar.
40 miles from Shreveport, in that little town
Livin' and lovin' like no one was around.
We never got to Shannon's for that game of pool
We put it on our "next time" list of things to do.

Repeat Chorus

You gave me days to always remember
You gave me nights I'll never forget
You gave me joy and love and laughter
But you never …. really gave me you.

Repeat Chorus

Tag: Sometimes I wonder where you are
If you're still chasing dreams and riding shooting stars
Did you ever find what you were looking for
And do you ever think of me?

© Paula Wheeler - Dec 2005