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Over to You
Bonner/ Wilson/ Attwood

There's so many words I wanted to say
And so many times you blew me away
Our future is out there and so plain to see
I played it safe from the start
the love that we share can be honest and true
it's love coming straight from my heart

I hear you only dismiss it with words
but the fire here that burns deep inside
 feels great when it burns
Some things are a matter of faith for me and you
don't tell me we're through
Girl it's over to you

Is there a chance that someday you and me
can  take this right back to the start?
And is it too late to repair what went wrong
or watch as it all comes apart?

repeat chorus

it's over to you
Girl it's over to you

It's only a matter of fate...
if it's over to you......

all that matters....all that matters.